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    Happy anniversary to "They Live", which debuted 30 years ago today. It' my favorite film from Director John Carpenter. It's not the one I watch the most, which is "Big Trouble in Little China." It's probably not his best, which I might might pick as "The Thing." But I've always loved its conspiracy/horror/action vibe.

    I used "They Live" as the topic of my first movie-themed sermon, several years back. John Carpenter was the convention's Guest of Honor, so theming my sermon after the movie seemed like a perfect fit --
    The movie is about the evil that's hidden all around us, that we can see once our eyes have been opened (or shaded, in this case), with the lenses that the story's hero found at a church. We've been misled and distracted into complacency and seething jealousy by the enemy who secretly corrupts us or negates us. In the end, he lays down his life so he can show the world the truth. Plenty of applicability to Sunday morning, and to the rest of our lives and the real world.

    Of the two stars, 'Rowdy' Roddy Piper finally ran out of bubblegum three years ago, but Keith David is still out there kicking ass on the screen, and is even slated to be in an upcoming movie based on my friend Tony Acree's novel!

    So let's keep "They Live" alive, by chewing gum and kicking ass!

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  • Judge

    Such a great movie.

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