LFPs Kobolds in Space One-Shot (DnD 5e)

  • Judge

    Hey everyone. I've been working on a sci-fi mod of 5e where the players take on the role of a tribe of Kobolds who've stumbled upon a cache of futuristic weapons. They are now trapped in a strange alternate dimension and basically just get to kick a lot of butt.

    I'm looking to get a group together this Friday to play a quick one shot to help me iron out some kinks. It would help a lot if you're already familiar with 5e (bring a copy of the PHB).

    Lots of feedback is encouraged!

  • Judge

    This sounds cool man! I can't play but hope you get it off the ground.

  • Judge

    Thanks Mike! Looks like I might be running it next week sometime instead, if you're free. I'll also be running it at NerdLouvia. The game looks a lot like 5e right now (bc it is), but after the Holidays I'll be doing some major retooling to make it more of it's own thing. This is turning out to be a much bigger project than I had anticipated!

  • Adventurer

    It sounds fun and I'd be interested but I'm out of town until the 7th of December. Sounds a lot like a d&d version of the Starfinder rules btw.

    You can have kobold pcs in space there as well... but I prefer skittermanders....

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