Into the Wyrd and Wild (Kickstarter)

  • Looks cool to me and is generic enough to probably be suitable for Torchbearer. Victory!

    Thought others may be intrigued :)

  • Knight Fauxrunner Judge

    I just read about this one myself. Looks cool. System generic stuff is great. There are a bunch of KS I want to back lately, but I can't afford them.

  • Yeah, it'd probably fit wonderfully with DCC for your purposes.

    The current Torchbearer game I'm in is pretty bleak. Castle Greyhawk explorations, my halfling druid caught up between two rival militant forest guardian factions while trying to prove the threat of lycanthropy looming. This will probably fit that spirit nicely.

    Definitely post about any Kickstarter stuff you think might be interesting. I don't really keep up and only saw it linked from a Discord channel I'm on, maybe the Burning Wheel or Sigmata ones...glad I check the new posts on those periodically :)

  • Judge

    Looks like they ripped the layout straight from Veins of the Earth. Looks pretty cool.

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