Tourney of Winterhaven

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    Word has spread wide across the Five Kingdoms that Lord Emory of House Brune will wed his daughter, the fair maid Elsibeth, to a son of House Dalton. In honor of her betrothal, Lord Emory has staged a winter tourney and has offered a bounty of 1,000 golden coins to the knight who wins the tourney and an invitation to preside as Elisbeth's champion at the wedding, a great honor in the Northlands.

    The road to Winterhaven, nestled in the foothills of Mount Thandor, is bitter and frigid. You, your squires, and your retinue brave the cheek-singeing winds and menacing howls of hungry wolves to arrive at the town of Winterhaven. Though the journey tries your endurance, the hefty prize and chance of winning the other knights' ransoms beat an empty belly and desertion of your men. The winnings from this tourney can see you through winter and into spring when the fighting between the Five Kingdoms pick up, as they often do, and need for fighting men and knights upticks.

    As you approach Winterhaven, the white walls and crenelations of the towers of the castle come into view and not long after the gates to the keep. It sits atop a rock precipice like a crown over the town of Winterhaven, with its creme colored, timber framed buildings. On the outskirts of the town, you spy lumberjacks sawing at trees that will no doubt serve as the jousting field and platform seating for Lord Emory, the fair maid, and highborn guests.

    The tourney has also attracted merchants and entertainers, even in this harsh cold. The smell of cinders and sausages fill the air. Armorers and smiths are setting up stalls to hawk their wares. And, a troupe of performers have erected a colorful tent where just outside a juggler amuses some Winterhaven children.

    Who arrives first? Describe your entrance and where you setup your tent.

    Then, everyone else follow suit. If you are a Banner or Lordly Knight, say so as well. You will have a spot at the feast tonight in House Brune's castle feasting hall.

    1. Sir Gabriel
    2. Sir Tyrek
    3. Sir Ullister
    4. Sir Morgadáns
    5. Sir Edwyn
    6. Sir Henry
    7. Sir Axell

  • The town folk of Winterhaven silent is broken by the sound of bandurria, Guitarro and a drum playing flamingo music. As the people winterhaven search for the source of the music a banner begins to appear from the road displaying the bright yellow and black of the house of Lopez de Aragon.
    One by one figures appear becoming visible as the crest the hill. A tall and lengthy man with black hair carries the house banner and beside him is another man carrying a spear follow by a knight on a large white warhorse. The knight is cloaked in a Zorro cloak it's reddish brown color contrasting against the white and green background of the landscape. Following behind him a barrel chested man on a mule wearing leather armor playing the Bandurria and behind him is two more men one darker skin with a beard and turban playing the drum and the other red head man playing guitarro followed by one more just carrying a spear and they all seem to be moving to the music, even the warhorse is Dressage (dancing).
    As they enter the town the tall man will yell "My Lord Gabriel Lopez de Aragon" and will repeat it every block as they parade their way toward the jousting arena. Gabriel waves at all the Spectators that begin to gather to see what is going on and will start tossing some roses to the ladies as he continues move but before entering the  jousting arena area he will stop his group and climb down from his horse to a little common girl, taking a knee in front of her and from his cloak pull out a white with purple strip jack in pulpit from the cloak and present it to her "Please except a gift " then give her a smile and get back on his horse and ride rear of the arena to set up his tent opposite side of the entrance of the arena where there will be less traffic.

    Entrance music

  • Knight Fauxrunner Scyther

    There are merchants, peasants, entertainers and the like crowding the area of Winterhaven.  The coming tournament has drawn more than distant knights to the lands; it has drawn travelers to inns, taverns, and shops.

    Sir Tyrek Elwood, a bachelor knight of Daemoon, approaches Winterhaven with his entourage in tow.  Sir Tyrek has no discerning physical features that would set him apart from any other knight.  His brown hair is cropped short, his blue eyes bright against his paled skin.  He is a man generally older than the other knights, in his late 30’s, he is 10 years senior to many others.  The Frozen Northlands have weathered his face and skin.  His horse, Erredorn, appears to more of a draft horse than a purebred.

    Malton is a young man, the son of an innkeeper.  Armed only with his short sword, his manners are courteous and his skills with armor are keen.  He has only recently ventured away from Daemoon, making him naïve to the ways of other lands.

    The men-at-arms bear standards of House Elwood.  The Elwood standard is a royal blue field covered in yellow fleur-de-lis, with a large black eagle.  Darvis, Henry, Larkin, Perth, and Ipson have all known each other to some degree or another.  Darvis and Larkin being brothers, they and Ipson school-mates, and all five worked in construction trades as young men before taking up arms.

    Alas, the group arrives in Winterhaven, Tyrek’s tent set up in the corner of the parade field.  Malton and the men-at-arms then begin setting up.  A small weapons rack is erected along with a portable armorer’s kit.  Tyrek has been around long enough to know that minor repairs need to be made at any time.  Even travelling can degrade your equipment.

  • Ven

    A small retinue of 4 figures garbed in sand-colored cloaks quietly approaches the jousting field, and heads toward a vacant spot that is the most sheltered from the elements. The strain of travel through such rugged terrain and harsh climate has taxed Ullister's delicate constitution. House Brant is native to the Shimmering Southlands, where the dry air is salubrious to the consumption which seems to afflict the young bachelor knight.

    A burgundy colored banner with a black rose sets up first, while two bickering valets struggle to assemble the pavilion. A squire helps Sir Ullister off his heavy warhorse, inducing a fit of coughing. Ullister pulls back the hood of his cloak to take some fresh air and a long draught of fortifying brandy, the bronze skin and braided dark hair of the Southlands contrasting with his light cloak. His squire is Harmond Greve of a neighboring House to Brant, with so much intermingling as to make the pair seem as brothers.

    Finding the energy to kick one of his servants, saying, I should have left you both back at the orphanage, the pair begin to work together and quickly set up the tent.

  • Knight

    Morgadáns, a stout young knight, from the northern hills overlooking the rias of the Shimmering Southlands, arrives to the tourney fields riding his warhorse and clad in his mail hauberk. His kite shield and tabard bear the colors of House Carballidos, vert, azure and or. A white silken scarf is tied to his right arm, clearly a sign of best wishes from a loved one back home. His squire, Alfons de Tui, follows, closely overlooking a retinue of five men-at-arms that bring foth a cart with equipment.

  • Sir Edwyn of house Kano from the Glittering isles arrives at Winterhaven. Sir Edwyn bears the family crest of Kano black and blue striped with four attacking lions. The squire and men at arms set up the tent in the middle of the parade field.

  • Ven

    Entrez Le Chevalier Réticent

    Sir Henry enters the town with little fanfare and camps on the far side of the lists, as distant from the hammering forges as he can muster. Unhorsed on the morrow he'll most likely be, but at least it will be a good knights nights rest.

    [I'll edit this when I have some time....]

  • Knight Fauxrunner Judge

    Sir Axel enters the lists

    Hailing from the Shimmering Southlands, the dark-skinned Sir Axel and his cadre arrive to the tournament. Looking more like a band of ruffians or sellswords than knights, the entourage posts their tent in close proximity to as many other knights as possible. Invading the space of other retinues, they seem non-plussed by angry glances and scowls directed at them.

    Sir Axel is tall, broad-shouldered, dark-skinned and possessing of a loud, staccato laugh, he swings down from the saddle of his destrier. The Banner Knight's chest puffs up with the silver and blue tabard of House Foley.

    "This should be fun."

  • Judge

    Sir Axel is welcomed into Lord Brune's keep for a feast the eve before day one of the tourney. And, as highest ranking knight, offers a bye for the first round of jousting.

    With Sir Axel in a bye for the first day, the master of the games announces the following pairings for Day 1!

    Joust #1

    Sir Henry vs. Sir Morgadáns!

    Joust #2

    Sir Edwyn vs. Sir Tyrek!

    Joust #3

    Sir Gabriel vs. Sir Ullister!


    Sir Axel will face off on Day 2 against the highest scoring knight winner of Day 1.

    That is, unless another challenger joins us before the first day of jousting is over! If someone would still like to join, chime in!

    May The Three be with your lances and shields! Send me your passes via direct message!

  • Judge

    The air is brisk and crisp, but the sun is out and shimmering off the polished mail and plate. Day One is set to be a beautiful day for jousting. Lord Emory and his daughter, Elsibeth, sit in the grandstand along with other fair lords and Sir Axel.

    Sir Henry and Sir Morgadáns take the field for the first joust of the day.

    Pass 1

    • Sir Henry charges forward, steady seated, aims dexter fess and cracks his lance on Sir Morgadáns' shield. (Result: B, +1 point)

    • Sir Morgadáns rides hard steady seated and lifts his lance at the last moment, aiming for Sir Henry's helm. It strikes! Sir Henry's helm comes off and he loses his balance, unhorsed. (Result: U, +4 points and immediate victory)

    Sir Morgadáns wins the tilt by unhorsing Hotspurs!

    The crowd goes wild and this is a good omen for an exciting tourney!

    Final Scoring

    Sir Morgadáns: 4 points
    Sir Henry: 1 point

    Condolences to Sir Henry, you owe Sir Morgadáns 150 gp or must forfeit your horse & armor (Mail Hauberk & Light Warhorse). Perhaps this is Sir Henry's last day as a knight. Roll up a new one for the next tourney/quest if you'd like!

    Congratulations to Sir Morgadáns, you gain 150 XP and Sir Henry's armor and horse (you may sell for 150 gp).

  • Knight

    Sir Morgadáns rides the field saluting the crowd in celebration of his victory and pauses at the grandstand to respectfully bow at Lord Emory and his daughter.

    @JohnY "Well fought Sir Henry! Please, come and accept my hospitality. We can watch the other jousts while having a cup of mulled wine."

  • Ven

    Squire Claustus and co help the obviously dazed Sir Henry to his feet. He bows to Sir Morgadáns. It would be a pleasure, sir.

  • Judge

    Lord Emory returns the salute and the Lady Elsibeth cheers brightfully. The crowd roars at Sir Morgadáns' display of chivalry at inviting Sir Henry to join him.

    Sir Edwyn sits astride his warhorse, but Sir Tyrek is nowhere to be found, still donning his armor it seems.

    Instead, the master of games calls forth Sir Gabriel (known as "the Motherfucker" in some gossip circles, though the master of games uses no such words before his lord) and Sir Ullister.

    Their squires hand them lances on either side of the field and the master of games permits the Lady of House Brune to call the start.

    Pass 1

    • Sir Gabriel charges forward, leaning right, aims chief pale and his lance merely glances off Sir Ullister's shield. (Result: G, no points)

    • Sir Ullister rides hard leaning left and aims for Gabriel's shield, dexter chief. It strikes and his lance splinters into a thousand shards, but Sir Gabriel remains seated. (Result: B, +1 point)

    There will be a second pass!

    1st Pass Scoring

    Sir Ullister: 1 point
    Sir Gabriel: 0 points

    I will reach out to see if there are adjustments.

  • Judge

    Wheeling 'round, the two knights take their places for pass two.

    Pass 2

    • Sir Gabriel keeps a steady seat and his warhorse tears off down the field. He's aiming for center mass of the shield, fess pale. Sir Gabriel's lance smashes into Sir Ullister's shield and splinters. For a brief moment, it appears Sir Ullister may be unhorsed but he maintains his balance successfully! (Result: B, +1 point)

    • Sir Ullister charges hard, maintaining a steady seat, and aims for Gabriel's shield in the same exact place, fess pale. It strikes and his lance smashes into the shield, breaking, and Sir Gabriel cannot keep his seating. He is lifted from his horse and hits the ground hard! (Result: B/U, +4 points)

    Sir Ullister wins the tilt by unhorsing Sir Gabriel!

    The smallfolk begin chanting the Brant house name!

    Final Scoring

    Sir Ullister: 5 points
    Sir Gabriel: 1 point

    Condolences to Sir Gabriel, you owe Sir Ullister 275 gp or must forfeit your horse & armor (Mail Hauberk & Heavy Warhorse). Perhaps this is Sir Gabriel's last day as a knight? Roll up a new one for the next tourney/quest if you'd like! Or, if you have the gold you can continue as a poor knight.

    Congratulations to Sir Ullister, you gain 275 XP and Sir Gabriel's armor and horse (you may sell for 275 gp).

  • Gabriel stand up after recover from being unhorse taking a moment to catch his breath he salutes the victor and turns over to lord and his daughter salutes again and walks off the field.

  • Ven

    Sir Ullister passes out attempting to salute back, and is unhorsed...

  • Judge

    @chas_the_mystic said in Tourney of Winterhaven:

    Sir Ullister passes out attempting to salute back, and is unhorsed...


  • Judge

    After the courageous display of both Sir Gabriel and Sir Ullister and the smallfolk in revelry, the master of games calls the crowd to quiet as the final joust of the day begins.

    Sir Edwyn and Sir Tyrek come forward, ready for the tilt. Then, like an explosion, they are both off!

    Pass 1

    • Sir Edwyn charges forward, with his shield low and aiming dexter fess. His lance crashes into Sir Tyrek's shield, causing him to nearly lose his seat, though he is saved! (Result: B, +1 point)

    • Sir Tyrek rides hard leaning right and aims chief pale. The lance goes right past Sir Edwyn's low shield and hits him right in the stomach. The crowd groans as the lance nearly impales Sir Edwyn! Just BARELY his boiled leather deflects the blow preventing his untimely death. The force of the blow nearly unseats Sir Edwyn, but he miraculously hangs on! (Result: U/I, no points!)

    By some strange turn of luck, Sir Edwyn takes a near fatal blow but is saved by Grace of The Three. And, because his lance broke, he takes the lead!

    Also, humorously:

    boom 1.png
    boom 2.png

    There will be a second pass!

    1st Pass Scoring

    Sir Edwyn: 1 point
    Sir Tyrek: 0 points

    I will reach out to see if there are adjustments.

  • Judge

    Wheeling 'round, the two knights take their places for pass two.

    Pass 2

    • Sir Edwyn keeps a steady seat and his warhorse tears off down the field. Sir Edwyn aims chief pale right in the center top of the shield, but it smashes into Sir Tyrek's shield and splinters! (Result: B, +1 point)

    • Sir Tyrek maintains a steady seat as well, but instead aiming dexter fess. His horse barrels down the field and his lance strikes Sir Edwyn's shield also splintering! (Result: B, +1 point)

    Make sure you account for your broken lances and mark off gold for new ones if you don't have them!

    We have a joust folks!

    There will be a third pass!

    Pass Two Scoring

    Sir Edwyn: 2 points
    Sir Tyrek: 1 point

    Sir Tyrek, a simple broken lance will not suffice for you. You need to unhorse Sir Edwyn.

    Send me any adjustments!

  • Judge

    The two knights approach the jousting line for the final pass.

    Pass 3

    • Sir Edwyn in a steady seat charges down the line and at the last second aims toward Sir Tyrek's helmet! He gets a direct hit and Sir Tyrek's helm comes off. Sir Tyrek is rattled and falls from his horse! (Result: H/U, +4 points)

    • Sir Tyrek continues in a steady seat as well and hurtles toward Sir Edwyn. He shifts his aim fess pale and his lance smashes right into Sir Edwyn's shield, splintering and throwing Sir Edwyn from his horse as well. (Result: B/U, +4 points)

    Both knights go down!

    The winner will be determined by points!

    Final Scoring

    Sir Edwyn: 6 points
    Sir Tyrek: 5 points

    Condolences to Sir Tyrek, you owe Sir Edwyn 200 gp or must forfeit your horse & armor (Mail Hauberk & Medium Warhorse). Perhaps this is Sir Tyrek's last day as a knight? Roll up a new one for the next tourney/quest if you'd like! Or, if you have the gold you can continue as a poor knight.

    Congratulations to Sir Edwyn, you gain 200 XP and Sir Tyrek's armor and horse (you may sell for 200 gp).

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