Going to post the first round tonight!

  • Judge

    @Knights-of-the-Five-Kingdoms Hi all, I'm going to post the 1st Round pairings tonight, so please get your Knight and introduction post up as soon as you can.

    @B_Black and @Kersus I don't see your knights posted yet. Please post ASAP.

    And everyone except @Gombar and @Aaron need to post an introduction in the Tourney of Winterhaven thread. It can be short. Just something describing your knight a bit.

  • Judge

    Nice. Looks like we have another knight entering the lists. @edpfaff. Make sure you post a summary of your knight and an intro in the Tourney thread! Good luck!

  • Judge

    After I post pairings:

    1. Send me a direct message with your three passes using the codes associated with the Aiming Point & Defensive Posture your knight is taking. For example, you might send me: 1st Pass = FP/3; 2nd Pass = SC/2; 3rd Pass = B/1. Remember that only certain Defensive Postures are available for certain Aiming Points. Check out the Jousting thread for more details.
    2. I will process the results by comparing each knight's submission to their opponent's. I may ask you to make a saving throw or other roll for me in our private msg. Do so.
    3. I will post the results!
    4. Knights who lose a joust must forfeit their horse and armor. If you cannot afford to purchase a new horse and armor, you are no longer a knight. This may happen for first round losers. Bummer. Make a new knight for the next tourney and/or questing. Knights who win may ransom the horse/armor of their defeated foe for gold. They also earn XP equal to the gold they acquire. This gold can be saved to pay later ransoms.
    5. Rinse, repeat. Until we have our champion!

  • Judge

    Just need @Judge_John to post intro and if we can get one more knight tonight it'll be a perfect bracket of 8. @B_Black and @Kersus?

  • Knight Fauxrunner Scyther

    Ye fools ready for a whoopin the likes of which these lands haf never peered eyes upon?

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