Moonthrone Christmas Special!

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    So it's not an official Nerd Louisville Friday Night RPGs, but I've got one last free Friday this year, and looking to run one more game, assuming "room at the inn" at Heroes this coming Friday. I'll look to start that the usual 8:00 (my job schedule willing), or maybe as early as 7:00 if I get out on time and the players are there.

    The first ever Moonthrone Christmas Special!
    A strange red stripe is visible circling one of the ivory mooncoral spires in the skyline over the Wyrd District. Children wake from nightmares of creepy gnomish elves spying on them from shelves and closets. Beggars report their urchin wards snatched away and stuffed in sacks by a goat-headed demon stalking the streets. Hide your kids, because San-taa of the Cold Wastes is coming to Moonthrone!

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    This sounds awesome!

  • Dungeon Master Adventurer

    Awesome game as always @Lane !

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