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    Hi, I’m a new player to D&D in Louisville, I have an understanding of the basics of 5E and I’m hoping to find a group to play on a regular basis. My availability is fairly open, if there are any groups open to new players please let me know. Thanks.

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    One good option is to hit up some of the local ongoing events (Slur Your Role, Friday Night RPGs) and meet some people also. I know a lot of gaming groups have formed at such events.

  • @TSanders Hey I run a weekly group that runs every Saturday from 12-2 at pearl st coffee in Jeffersonville. (405 pearl st Jeffersonville

    We are an open table style game where everyone and anyone can join. We are playing 5e and are starting our 2nd campaign in Ravnica this Saturday. if you want to bring a level 1 character ahead of time feel free (remember to pick a guild) If you don’t feel comfortable making a character I bring pre generated too.

    We have a fun while not taking the rules to seriously. We are welcome to beginners experts or anything in between.

  • Thinking of finding some new players to start a 5e group from scratch. If you're still looking for a group, message me and we can talk about it!

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