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    We're going to keep combat really simple. It'll be played in rounds but there is no initiative. Everything happens simultaneously. This means if you want to hit first without getting hit, you need to surprise / ambush.

    When combat breaks out, you'll roll all your attacks for the round for you and any followers you have engaged in combat. I will roll all the attacks for enemy combatants and monsters. Then, we will tally up hits and decide who gets hit. When the DM gets hits, they will go toward followers first unless it's blatantly obvious a PC Knight should get hit.

    In your post, you should roll attacks and damage for your PC and all followers. You can post like this:

    Sir Bob
    !roll 1d20+X
    !roll 1d6

    Squire Sam
    !roll 1d20+X
    !roll 1d6

    Retinue Guy 1
    !roll 1d20+X
    !roll 1d6

    Retinue Guy 2
    !roll 1d20+X
    !roll 1d6

    And so on.

    Squires and Retinue soldiers are all 1HD warriors with +1 to attack.

    All damage is 1d6 unless creatures are giant sized or more (in which case they roll multiple dice for damage).

    If you want to take a special action during combat, post it like so:

    Sir Bob

    To Hit

    This is the armor class to-hit chart you will always use. It's ALWAYS a 20 to hit AC 0.

    These target numbers never change. And, AC will never go below 0 (even with magic). However, you will add your Attack Bonus to any attack rolls. This is always equal to a creature's HD (see advancement chart for Knights).

    Armor Class To Hit Examples
    0 20 Dragon's Scale; Full Plate + Kite Shield + Great Helm
    1 19 Full Plate + Kite Shield; Plate & Mail + Kite Shield + Great Helm
    2 18 Full Plate + Great Helm; Mail Hauberk + Kite Sheild + Great Helm
    3 17 Full Plate; Mail Hauberk + Kite Shield
    4 16 Mail Hauberk + Round Shield; Boiled Leather + Kite Shield + Great Helm
    5 15 Mail Hauberk; Boiled Leather + Kite Shield
    6 14 Boiled Leather + Round Shield
    7 13 Kite Shield; Boiled Leather
    8 12 Round Shield
    9 11 Unarmored

    Weapon Damage

    All weapons deal 1d6 damage. Some get a situational +1 to damage (see below). Small weapons are useless unless you're in tight quarters (a knight with a dagger against a knight with a sword in the open field is a bad proposition).

    Situational Modifiers to Damage

    • +1 damage for heavy and bludgeoning weapons vs. Plate (two-handed weapons, maces, hammers, etc.)
    • +1 damage for long weapons with reach vs. Shields (polearms, spears, etc.)
    • +1 damage for pointy, thrusting and stabbing weapons vs. Mail (arrows, spears, horseman's pick, etc.)
    • +1 damage for daggers against enemies tight up on you (like if you've knocked a guy to the ground and you're wrestling with him or something)
    • +1 damage for swords against poor people (anyone in boiled leather or less armor)

    Note: +1s don't stack. So, if you are using a spear against someone with Mail / Shield, you still only get +1 to damage.

    Death & Dying

    When a character reaches 0 hit points, they die.

    It's a good idea to have a squire. If your knight character dies, another knight can dub your squire into a full knight, gaining +1HD and all other benefits of being a knight and inheriting your arms, armor, and horses. Some knights may take on a second squire, though you must pay for their upkeep.

    Retinue Morale

    Morale is checked under certain conditions and is checked per retinue. In other words, each knight's retinue morale is checked individually.

    Morale is checked when...

    • Leader is severely injured
    • Retinue suffers 25% casualties (33% with a Sergeant leading the squad)
    • Monster's presence (and other scary shit)
    • Ordered to take evil / or extraordinarily dangerous action
    • Other as determined by the DM

    Morale Check

    Morale Roll (2d6+Modifiers) Result
    2 or less Surrender
    3-5 Flee
    6-8 Hold
    9-11 Press
    12 or more Fanatic (no further morale checks needed this combat)

    Morale Modifiers

    Situation Modifier
    Knight Leader is 15+ Charisma +1
    Knight Leader is 6- Charisma -1
    Knight Leader is 4th Level +1
    Knight Leader is 8th Level +2
    Retinue is better equipped +1
    Retinue is less equipped -1
    Retinue outnumbers enemy +1 (2-to-1), +2 (3-to-1), etc.
    Retinue outnumbered by enemy -1 (1-to-2), -2 (1-to-3), etc.
    Other, as determined by the DM + or - 1 to 3

    Retinue that surrender and are captured expect to be ransomed. Retinue killed in action expect a bounty of gold sent home to their families (usually 50 gp). If word spreads of your mistreatment of your retinue, recruitment will cost more gold.

    Any questions that require nuance?

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