Moonthrone mission, 7 Jan 2019

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     After a crazy night wandering around the corrupted district- fighting and banishing Krampus (with Charion taking Krampus' bag of 'holding'), stealing San-Taa's sleigh and leaving him stranded in a house and at the mercy of it's tenants and the Moonthrone guards, members of the original group (Charion, Adrick, and Hidey) return to their hiding place after bidding goodbye to the people who joined them on their mission (Lane can update this info for the rest of the group as part of his Moonthrone update).
     However, things were about to take a turn for better or worse, the fates have yet to decide....
     Okay everyone, here's my plan: the 7th should be the first NerdLouisville game at Heroes for the new year. As such, I've discussed with Lane about running a sideshot game in Moonthrone involving the nearby swamp which will give Lane a chance to regroup and revitalize his game with new and exciting adventures for us.
     I plan on periodically doing this to give the players and Lane both a break this coming year and Lane expand on the Moonthrone game. This next 'mission' should last the next 4 sessions, but might run less or more depending on the PC's actions and players. The game will be set for no more than 8 players, levels 5-7, and I WILL review all magic items at the beginning of each session in order to maintain game balance and consistency so if you plan to hop in and join the game, you've been warned and don't be upset if an item you have gets derfed - I run an honest game where everyone has a chance to succeed and things are balanced, 'nuff said.
     If you're currently a member of the Moonthrone group, please be there Friday, January 7, 2019 NLT 8pm. I will be arriving early to set things up and grab a table. Reuben, you're invited as an honorary member of the Phunk. ;-)

    Mission details:
    After entering the strange temple and meeting the deity within (and Jared/Charion's insistence on creating a manafestation of Azul-Luza), Moonthrone has began to change and start becoming chaotic: things are happening good and bad, new undead have arisen and a power play has begun involving the politics of Moonthrone: the new players in the game challenging the positions of the old. Even the Gnarlac is concerned with the sudden change in events, as amusing as it may seem he also is concerned that his position within the hierarchy may be in danger. In the shadows, even the mighty COG are fearful of the recent events.
    Enter the players - the cause of the current events - from your hiding place you receive several summons: one from the Folk who wish to speak to the group as a whole, one from the Gnarlac himself offering you safe passage within the city to speak with him, and one from a source you've never heard of before .... and a place you never expected to see - the Embassy of Hell.
    Considering the tenuous situation, the group (at the behest of Adrick and Charion) opt to speak to the Folk first.

    See everyone Friday.

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