The Witch's Wood

  • Knight Apocalypse Martian

    You bum. I was at work, working!

    Is there anyone else in the room? Where is the chanting coming from?

  • Judge

    The witch, a dozen man-beasts, you two, and what you think might be some figures on the far side of the chasm, but you've lost sight of them.

    The chanting was from the degenerate men, but they've shushed.

    The witch is about to do/say something.

    Do you want to interject? Get closer? Stay hidden?

  • Knight Apocalypse Martian

    Albrecht leans in to his squire and whispers, "Go get the rest of the men. Hurry!" He quietly draws his sword and turns to Ganuf, "I think they mean to burn her. Shall we?"

  • Knight Fauxrunner Scyther

    I whisper...
    We should act now. Dispatching our foes quickly with no mercy for they shall show us none.

  • Judge

    Instead of acting, you just discuss it... And, before you can respond to each other to make a decision, something else happens.

    Lady Alyssana strides forward into the cavern from the other tunnel! The witch notices her, but isn't surprised. And, neither does Lady Alyssana seem terrified of the witch. The Lady shouts across the cavern.

    What are you doing with her?!

  • Judge

    Do you do anything?

  • Knight Fauxrunner Scyther

    Is she shouting to us?

  • Judge

    No, she is shouting at the witch. The conversation continues as you watch...

    The pale witch, still upon the back of her reindeer, speaks calmly back to the girl.

    My dear girl, I am cementing your position in this region. When you and Dame Florence return the missing girl to Lord Dalton, you will be bestowed honors and Lord Gordayne's declaration will not be questioned in the slightest.

    The Lady Alyssana shakes her head.

    Mother! You've kidnapped a lady of the north! She could have been hurt or killed! Lord Gordayne has passed this very hour. What did you put in that concoction?

    There is something else. You spy three knights and a handful of squires moving across the bridge on the far side... they have weapons drawn... It is Sir Axell, Sir Gabriel, and Sir Edwyn. You do not see Sir Morgadans.

  • Judge

    Do either of you interject?

  • Knight Fauxrunner Scyther

    I stand, bellowing out. I want to make a spectacle to keep attention on myself whilst ours friends maneuver.

    This conspiracy of which you take part in hast expired. Give me the girl, and perhaps you
    Pointing my morning star towards Lady Alyssana.
    shall be spared.

    However, the same cannot be said for your... mother.
    Mother is spoken almost quizzically.

    Surrender thy selves to my authority and put an end to this madness at ONCE!

  • Judge

    Great! You're here now!

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