Jeremy Redtree

  • Jeremy Redtree is the oldest of 4 children of Bruce Redtree and Linda Hawkfeather. Jeremy childhood was a rough one, His father was an abusive alcoholic Vietnam vet who would occasionally would take his anger on Jeremy  due to the fact that Jeremy would make himself the target of his father rage to protect his younger sibling and mother but once he became old enough to stand up to his father that all ended. Now you can find Jeremy father at the VFW local Post 666 in PineBox or Pass out in the recliner in the small trailer that belonging to the Redtree family waiting for his VA benefits to hit so he can go buy more alcohol.
    Jeremy Grow up on the Caballo Indian Reservation but attended school in the town of Pinebox going to Anguis Elementary and Thueban High School but drop out his junior year to help support his Family and began to sell on the Streets. As the years past Jeremy has spent time in and out of juvenile Hall and during his longest stint in Poe Correctional Facility where he earned his GED and met a Reporter Name Cyrus Matthews from the Albuquerque Gazette Asking about the local events happening in the town of Pinebox.
    After being release from Poe Correctional Facility he continue to sell Drugs in the town of pinebox but began to learn more about his Roots and culture.
    Soon he heard word of a group called "the Wolves of Blood and Honor" has taken a cave near the reservation and this is how he story begins

  • Hoping to see you Sunday at Slur! I got your character mixed up with Audie Chavez (Andy).Your father will play a big part in next game.

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