The Swift Riders!

  • I will grab her arm to keep her on the horse and signal Sir Edwyn and Miguel to come off the road so we can get some distance from the road. So we can get some cover, miguel will get off and help to get the lady off the horse.
    I will take off my cloak and grab my water skin get down next to her and clean her up a little "how are you feeling my lady?" He bring th he water skin to her mouth " here take a sip."

  • Sir Edwyn and the other rider will stand watch
    we cannot stop! We must keep going

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    You clean her up, Sir Gabriel, but it becomes quite apparent that riding like this is making it worse. She may die. There's no way she'll make it as far as Starpeak in this condition. You think on the ramifications of a lady of House Brune dying under your care and the outrage both House Brune and House Tenstars will bring down upon you.

    Sir Edwyn, you hear the wind suddenly stir in the forest. Pine needles lift up off the ground momentarily and a cold chill runs over your cloak. Through the forest, you see something odd. A stone facade peaking out through the foliage. A building of some sort.

    What do you do?

  • He will look at Sir Edwyn nods in agreement " I know we must continue but we can take a moment to make her as presentable as possible and let her get a quick sip of water. We will have to change riding positions she is too weak to ride on the back so she will have to sit her in front so we will be able to hold her on the horse which means miguel must ride in front too. You can carry my Lady on this stretch of the journey."

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    You don't think putting her in your lap will change this:

    @Mike said in The Swift Riders!:

    You clean her up, Sir Gabriel, but it becomes quite apparent that riding like this is making it worse. She may die.

    You'll also be slow going.

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    Well, what'll it be?

  • Well let me a correction did see you last post.

    Does she have a fever?
    Is the weather super cold in the area we are at?

  • How far away are we?

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    She doesn't seem to have a fever. It's not super cold, but it's brisk.

    Far away from what? Your destination? Another two days.

    From the weird building you see? Not far at all.

  • "Miguel keep an eye out but stay hidden." point toward the road and he will walk over to his horse and pull off his blanket and wrap the Lady. Then walks to Sir Edwyn "she wont be able to ride, she will die if she does. We can try to feed her and let her rest and try again in the morning or you can ride ahead try to bring the physician to us while we wait for Sir Axel. I think those are two choices."

  • I’ll ride ahead and bring a party with. Keep her safe.

    I’ll ride as fast and as hard as my horse will go for as long as it will go

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    Great. So, you're charging ahead, Sir Edwyn. Who is with you?

    Sir Gabriel, where are you going to post up with Lady Elsibeth?

  • Just me leave back the other rider for protection

  • We will be in the forest if we can nature alcove or tree where we can cover one side of our small tent so we can just worry about covering three side instead of 4.
    I will try to conceal our location with branches and if I find a brushes with thorns I cut them use them as constine wire. Setup my one man tent as Lady Elsibeth " This is no keep or feather dow bed but should be comfortable enough to sleep." taking a quick glance at Lady Elsibeth to make sure her condition hasn't worsten " lucky for you I have been trained by a very Honorable and brave knight as well as a master hunter. Ah I'm sorry my Lady I have just been talking your ear off. How are feeling, any better?"

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    @NerdBot !roll 1d6

  • Oh, it's @Mike again... Wanna roll some dice? 😁 Type !roll XdY+Z.

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    !roll 1d6

  • You rolled 1d6: 6

    Your rolls:
    1d6: 6 = 6
    Total: 6

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    Sir Edwyn, as you ride further on you see the building through the treeline come into view. It looks like an old abbey of some sort. Ancient. Crumbling. Abandoned. Something stirs near the ruined structure. Diminutive beings with hunched backs wearing rags. They creep around the ruins. You're sure sooner or later they will take notice of Sir Gabriel's whereabouts.

    Do you ride on or turn back to alert Sir Gabriel?

    Sir Gabriel, you find a large tree with a gnarled cranny in its base. A perfect little nook to place your tent and the Lady Elsibeth in for now. You conceal the tent as best you can with brush and branches. The other men keep watch.

    Her eyes roll back in her head. She hasn't the strength for words. But, white film is forming around her mouth and her pulse is weakening badly. You fear for her life.

    You could try to scour the forest for stag mint? It's known to have medicinal properties.

  • I'll do that, I'll tell miguel to come by the lady Elsibeth as I go search for the mint

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