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    Hey everyone. Looking to start up a new campaign in Lagrange. Will be held at JSE Comics and Games store. I am currently thinking of running on Tuesday evenings, but that is subject to change based on player availability.

    I'll be holding a 'taste of 4e' one shot this upcoming Tuesday at the shop (2/5/19) with pregenerated characters. Each of the character sheets will have an accompanying handout that describes each of their spells and abilities in 5e terms, so this is an ideal game for anyone who has played 5e before and is curious about 4E.

    Ideally the Tuesday after that (2/12/19) would be the session 0 for a campaign. Although as mentioned this is subject to change based on player availability. The session 0 will determine what kind of campaign is to be run, although I will default to running a game starting at level 1 in a traditional fantasy setting.

    Feel free to respond here, send me a PM, email or contact me via Discord at PermanentDM#5146.

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    Gary Mattingly still rocking 4E! Right on, homie.

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    @Mike You know it! I run and play 5e and Iron Kingdoms as well, but 4e is still my jam.

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