The Broken and the Blessed (Part 2)

  • This game was played on 12/30/2016

    @Reuben – Joshua Lee (High School Nerd)
    @AndyB – Audi Chavez (Veteran)
    @westlemania639 – Cyrus Matthews (Journalist)
    @Gombar – Jeremy Redtree (Drug Dealer)
    @Justin – Jakub Nowak / Robert Webster (Partisan / Photographer)
    @Matt – Rick Blaine (Private Eye)
    Anthony – Kenneth Morgan (Professor)
    Thomas – Adam Madison (Business Owner)*
    *This is the same Adam Madison played by Alex Demic

    Keeper: @Jonathan-Meadows

    Game Date: Around December 12, 2016

    The party wakes up in an emptied-out and broken down movie theater with no memory of how they got there. All of us are wearing white gowns. Looking around, we find a tattered movie screen at one end and an iron door with an insignia on it and the word “Blessed” written above it in red. Adam Madison goes to check the insignia out, and as he does the world shifts: fog thickens, our heads pound, rust begins to “bleed” out of every surface, and a creature (later identified as a ghast) comes through the insignia. In this “altered” world, weapons are found and combat breaks out. Joshua Lee finds an exit behind the movie screen, but Rick Blaine destroys the ghast with a baseball bat before the escape route is needed. As the ghast dies, the world reverts back to “normal”.

    As we prepare to exit the theater, we realize that we are in the Dreamlands Amusement Park, a theme park outside of Pinebox that closed down some years ago. For those who explored the carnival recently (Cyrus and Audi I believe), they see that the park looks different: more decrepit, rides that should be there that aren’t and vice versa. At the center of the park is a giant wooden statue of a cowboy, the mascot of the park called Timmy. A clown on a unicycle approaches us, and we decide to engage him in conversation. The clown introduces himself as Jacob Jackson, and Dick Blaine remembers that Jacob was an employee of the park that went missing and hasn’t been seen in years. We learn that Jacob has been here for a “long time” and that before he went missing, he met a priest with a book (Reverend Fitzgerald and the Testament of Carnamagos most likely), and that he read something about a beast called the ‘Treader in the Dust’. Jacob also said that a ‘Group in Red’ showed up at the same time we did.

    We hit up the gift shop before going to the Dressing Room (where Jacob was last seen). In the Dressing Room, the world goes hay-wire again and this time we see two people: one screaming in pain, and another in a Nazi uniform. The Nazi rushes the party, is knocked to the ground by a few blows and is executed by Jakub mercilessly. When the Nazi dies, the world reverts back. For the sake of trying, we go to the entrance of the park and Kenneth decides to try leaving through the Mist. A few minutes later, we see him re-emerge, confirming our suspicions. At this point, we see that a green light has been cast down on Timmy, and it casting a green glare on everything.

    As we prepare to investigate, we see five individuals in white gowns (similar to what we appeared in). They speak about the Treader in the Dust and say that he’s coming. Ultimately we engage them in combat, killing all but one who we take hostage. During the fight, Kenneth disappears into the mist and Joshua is critically wounded. We go to a First Aid tent near Timmy’s statue and interrogate the survivor. We find out that a group has broken away from the Church of the Blessed, and this sect is run by a Master Jacob. Those in red are Blessed, and those in white are Broken (all of us were wearing white, but only Adam is confirmed as Broken). He says that there is no escaping this place as long as the spell holds.

    Around this time, we look outside and see ten red-robed figures around Timmy, chanting. Suddenly, the light around Timmy glows extremely bright and a massive creature with black tentacles appears and begins killing the red-robed cultists. Chaos ensues with this creature eventually vacating the area near the statue to cause more destruction. As we scramble for any semblance of a plan, Jeremy touches the light underneath Timmy and becomes a grotesque, 10-foot tall creature briefly before reverting to his human form. Adam throws the near-dead Joshua into the light, who becomes a winged beast that grabs Cyrus and flies into the air, preparing to drop him to his death. Adam also enters, becoming a small rat which is stomped on by Jakub killing both it and, unfortunately, Adam. Timmy is lit on fire by molotov cocktails thrown by those in the vicinity, and as the statue topples, we all wake up “peacefully” in our beds.

    The next morning we hear a radio commercial that the First United Church of Pinebox (Reverend Fitzgerald’s flock) is sponsoring a Hell House – a place that can scare you into being saved.

    -- ROLL CREDITS --

  • You forgot that the cultists were all named Jacob!

    Great game last night, I had a great time with it.

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