Burning Wheel Gold Revised

  • I was going to post about this yesterday, then pre-orders for $15 sold out and finally Luke decided to put more up at a higher price since they'd lose money if they kept selling for $15.

    Anyway, they're putting out a revised version of the Burning Wheel Gold, if anyone is interested:

    "BWHQ decided that we should fix all known errata. But even that wasn’t enough. They cracked their whips and demanded we address weak rules, inconsistencies and repetitive junk. I agreed to nearly all of the changes, but my one condition was that we couldn’t rewrite the book—the pagination had to remain the same. Rewriting everything means new layout. Which is death. Working within these limitations, we managed to make many fixes and tweaks. We even added rules for creating your own traits and rebalanced Elven Grief."

  • Judge

    Add to list of games I'll probably never play. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

  • Ha, yeah - you missed the brief window where we had the BW Revised game with Chris Mitchell running and Tom being so good at gaming the system he basically forced us all to do whatever he wanted when he'd crush us in every Duel of Wits.

    Anyway, good game. I'm hoping to find some pickup games or something at GenCon to dip back in. BW is probably/ultimately too complex, but I'm finally starting to understand Torchbearer, so maybe I can put together a one shot of that sometime. A couple new zines for that, I posted about one and apparently Thor (the creator) is coming up with one that'll appear on Kickstarter soon.


  • Anyway, I'll continue waving the banner for the Burning Wheel family of games locally - for whatever good it does - I'm just enthusiastic about the system :)

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