Master Jacob and his Sect

  • In what is becoming an all to common occurrence, Jakub wakes up a little unsure of what is real and what isn't. He had the craziest of dreams and wakes up Jeremy Redtree to see if he had a similar dream, which he did. Calling Cyrus Matthews and Audie Chavez confirms they had the same dream as well. Jakub is admittedly afraid to check-in with Adam Madison, remembering the horror of how he looked the last time he saw him in the dream.

    Despite knowing that he and some friends had a shared dream, Jakub still can't be sure that what happened was real. If he could find something that happened in the dream that has some connection with the world now though, that would be a different story....... Going back through the events of the dream, Jakub remembers that their captive said that a group had broken off from the Church of the Blessed and was being headed by a Master Jacob. Jakub decides to check into this and see if there's any validity to the claim.

    Jakub will look into topics (online and perhaps through news archives) relating to divisions in the First United Church of Pinebox, any fights or personal spats that Reverend Fitzgerald has had (particularly with people named Jacob), and any new churches or denominations that have cropped up in the area recently. Jakub will also pay Freddie another visit, both to check-in on the man from the Indian reservation that he dropped off, and also to ask him if he's heard of anything related to a group that broke off from Fitzgerald.


  • Jacub visits Freddie at his home and is immediately taken aback upon seeing him. It's readily apparent that in an extremely short amount of time, Freddie has aged significantly and his hair has grown at an impossible rate. Freddie looks at least 15, if not 20, years older than he did just a few short weeks before and he now sports a thick beard that reaches down almost to his waist.

    Freddie explains that he has been forced by the reverand to spend most of his time helping set up the soon to open "hell house" and he says that the reverend recently lost some believers amongst the Blessed and that he is looking to use the hell house to frighten the population of Pinebox into gazing through the telescope.

    When asked about those that have broken away from the church, he doesn't seem to know much, other than the Reverend has cut off their access to the telescope. He explains that this loss has to a profound effect on their sanity.

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