Imperial Struggle

  • Not sure if I've ever posted about Twilight Struggle, but it's an awesome 2 player Cold War strategy game. It got ported over to an app, which is great because it automates so much of what makes it complex. Greg and I played remotely for awhile, but he bailed because he's playing too many other games (addict). I just got playing with some dude in Europe that is on a music forum with me (we have a thread about gaming) and he hipped me to a new release about the 18th century warring called Imperial Struggle. Excited to check it out, but hope there's an Android version too. Figured others may find it interesting:

  • Judge

    Isn't Twilight Struggle on Steam? I think it bought it one time. But, never had a chance to play it.

    I think myself and maybe @Gombar would be interested in getting a big multiplayer game going.

  • Not sure about Steam as I don't use it, but there's an Android app and an iOS app (I don't think they play with each other though - since Sturtzel couldn't play Greg and I). Probably a Steam version though. Unrelated, but Greg has been pressing me on the Switch and told me Baldur's Gate is being issues on the Switch, so the case is growing and I believe you can DL games for it through Steam? I dunno, I may be wrong I'm so out of the video game zone, so don't know how downloading games really works, but maybe I'll get to know Steam soon enough.

    Back to TS/IS, I can't imagine it's more than a 1 on 1 game just for the record, but yeah, it's a sick game and if you do have it and want to challenge me, my screen name is sellanraa :)

  • Judge

    Ah gotcha. Unfortunately I am also on iOS.

  • Well, talk to Sturtzel and maybe he'd be up for playing, though he's pretty overextended as a gamer like Greg is, so who knows. Or just play a stranger and learn the game, because it's awesome.

  • Knight

    Sounds legit

  • Judge

    Are you on iOS or Android, @Aaron?

  • Knight


  • Aaron, if you ever install and want to play Twilight Struggle, feel free to challenge me to a game :)

    Imperial Struggle will hopefully be so popular an app will be made of it eventually too.

  • Judge

    Are you sure this is on iOS?

  • Nick said he installed Twilight Struggle on iOS, but if you're looking for Imperial Struggle, the boardgame just came out I guess, so there probably isn't an app (hopefully in time). Maybe that's the confusion?

  • Judge

    Looks like Twilight Struggle is only on iPad, not iPhone. Bummer.

  • Bummer. I didn't realize there was a difference and just assumed it all worked with whatever. Sorry :/

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