Sir Edwyn's Race

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    You speed along as fast as you can ahead on the road, looking for any sign of civilization; somewhere that might have a chirugeon, a folk healer, or anyone who might have some knowledge of healing and tonics. You ride and ride and ride until finally you see the edge of the forest line and a vast field, a few workers are planting wheat after the Spring thaw. One of them looks up at you, takes note but doesn't approach.

    A small collection of hovels is across the field. A smoky plume rising up from one of the chimneys.

    What do you do?

  • I’ll ride into town looking for any sign of medical or law enforcement

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    It's not really a town. More of a tiny village. There's only a handful of buildings.

    A woman is carrying a bucket from a nearby pasture. She sees you and stops.

    Sir, can I help you?

    One of the men from the field is coming toward the hovels.

  • I need a doctor I have a very ill woman that needs attention now! They must come with me!

  • And 5 of your greatest fighters

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    The woman nods.

    I know a bit o' healin', sir. Herbs and such.

    The man coming in from the field shouts. He's not defiant, but he's certainly wary. He's stout with a thick neck and square jaw. Thick eyebrows.

    Hail, sir. What be the problem?

  • We are escorting the queen and need assistance! She has fell ill and cannot ride. She is running out of time. We also have been attacked on the road. I can assure you will be rewarded for your assistance! Come quickly

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    There ain't no fightin' men here, sir. Just me and my boys. Callie, get your medicine bag.

    Then, he turns and shouts.

    Aryn! Thomme! Come in from the field!

    Then, he turns back to you.

    We'll follow you sir, but we ain't got no horses.

  • I’ll take Callie ahead to get there quickly. If you are not fighters I don’t want to put you in harms way. I’ll take good care of your wife. We’ll be back soon!

  • I’ll grab her up on the horse and ride out

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    What's your Charisma? I need to roll a reaction check to see if they're willing to let her go with you alone. You could be a Robber Knight.

  • Cha 9

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    @NerdBot roll 2d6

  • You rolled 2d6: 11

    Your rolls:
    2d6: 5 6 = 11
    Total: 11

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    Nice. The man nods.

    We'll follow behind on the road just in case you need help, sir. But ride ahead. We wouldn't want to delay any help.

  • Thank you be safe. I’ll turn and haul ass back

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    You ride hard back with Callie on the back of your horse, hanging on tight. But, when you return, you find no one where you left Sir Gabriel. Only his horse, hobbled, and roaming nearby.

    Where is she, sir?

    Through the brush of the forest, you do see that old building.

  • I’ll call out for sir gabriel and move towards the building

    Ps I haven’t read any of the other threads so I have no idea what happened to them

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    You call out, but there is no response. The forest seems to be alive with the wind rustling leaves and distant birds, but there is no sound of human life in the vicinity.

    Callie then, Perhaps they took shelter in the old abbey, sir? She shivers, like she knows something more.

  • *thats what I fear. Stay close. * we’ll move forward towards the abbey

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