Proposed Changes to the Multiverse Conventions

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    The only caveat of course is people actually seeing the tags! There's more than a few people I've met who never even look at the listings on Facebook/This site and just show up. No problem with that of course, and there may be few enough that it wouldn't make a tagging system not worthwhile.

    One solution to that perhaps is the usage of the papers/stands I've seen at both events. We used to have more of those plastic signs but they went and disappeared. But it's a good way to display not only the name/level range of the game, but the themes too.

    On the subject of people that just show up. I also have noted recently a decent few people who have no idea about the conventions at all. Coming in with things not yet approved(Ravnica), UA(Revised Ranger), or having rolled their stats and so end up with a weaker/stronger character. There has also been one or two instances of people saying they were told to make Level 3-5 characters.

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    A lot of times when I was hosting and people showed up I’d try to give them a quick overview, like “Wu is running a mystery and Salyer a dungeon crawl... do you like investigation or fighting more?”

    I think if whoever handled that knew the tags or had a little handout menu with the game listing and tags, could work.

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    Of course now you’re just tacking on more work for volunteers to do. Ha ha Ha ha ha.

    Volunteers be like:

    Eye roll

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    Much easier to have it printed, then!

    Overall for conventions. I can say I agree with most of what Darrenn talks about, though for a good few of the points he makes people would need to get together and make a decision on it.

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    RE: tags. I remember the earlier days of Slur when purchasing tickets online wasn't a thing. People would line up outside Kaiju at least 30 minutes before it opened. There'd be a volunteer with a big white board displaying all the available games and they'd usually give a brief summary of each game before people could sign up. I think that's what Mike was referring to. And I did like that specific part of the process (the game descriptions). Problem was, if you were at the end of that line there was little chance you'd get into the game you wanted, or sometimes any game at all.

    While I'm sure no one is suggesting we go back to that, I think the trade off of the new (and, IMO, better) system of having folks pre-register online is that you really need to get on the web at least a few days before Slur to see what types of games are available and to secure a spot.

    Maybe having a small sign (whiteboard!) in the front room of Kaiju would help direct walk-ins. MV Level 1-3 in Pool Room, 1 Seat left. We probably don't need anything more elaborate than that though since there's usually only 1-2 (if any) seats left on the day of the event.

    That said, I love the idea of adding tags to the game descriptions on FB and this Forum. Also, I'm really just speaking about Slur.

    How has game registration been going at FNRPGs? I know that's also advertised online ahead of time, but since tickets aren't being sold online, do you find people are less aware of what games are available? Reuben, would you like a big white board?

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