The Finale!

  • Judge

    Everyone's starting positioning is as follows:

    Sir Ganuf stands, bellowing out and making a spectacle to keep attention on himself whilst his friends maneuver.

    This conspiracy of which you take part in hast expired. Give me the girl, and perhaps you
    Pointing my morning star towards Lady Alyssana.
    shall be spared.

    However, the same cannot be said for your... mother.
    Mother is spoken almost quizzically.

    Surrender thy selves to my authority and put an end to this madness at ONCE!

    The Witch hisses and spits.

    They have slain Dame Florence! It is why she has not met me here like I commanded.

    She turns to you, Sir Ganuf and shouts.

    You know not who you speak to! Bow!

    Make a saving throw!

    Lady Alyssana shouts.

    Mother, stop! They are just here for the girl!

    Sir Ganuf has put all attention toward himself, notably the witch who is holding forward her clawed hand in an unnatural position.

    The Lady Elsibeth is still on the back of her reindeer in a precarious position. She looks ill still.

    What does everyone do?!

  • Sir Gabriel will rush and stab the witch in the back as she cast her spell and yell "Es hora de bailar, la danza de la muerte."

  • Judge

    So, Sir Gabriel is starting to charge toward the witch. As he does so, Lady Alyssane sees this happening and shouts, "Nooo!!! Stop him!!!" and several of the man-things surrounding the fire charge forward to intercept.

    What's everyone else doing?

  • Knight

    @Mike Alfons will follow Sir Gabriel's lead and charge at the reindeer, trying to hamstring its hind legs.

  • While he’s charging forward can I meneuver to grab the lady off the horse?

  • Knight

    !roll 1d20

  • Knight

  • Oh, it's @Aaron again... Wanna roll some dice? :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: Type !roll XdY+Z.

  • Judge

    Sure, but y'all are going to be intercepted before you can get to the reindeer. You will have to cut through some man-things.

  • Knight

    !roll 1d20

  • You rolled 1d20: 9

    Your rolls:
    1d20: 9 = 9
    Total: 9

  • Judge

    Sir Gabriel, Sir Edwyn and Alfons, make some attack rolls for me! Take a +2 since you're coming up out of the abyss. If you kill one of the degenerates in one blow, you might have a chance of actually making it to the Witch before she can do more magicks.

    Sir Ganuf, a wave of power washes over you that buckles your knees and you are thrown to the rock bowing before the Witch. The harder you fight, the more you bow before her.

    She grins with glee.

  • Judge

    Sir Axell, your fellow knights are charging into the fray but before they can close the gap the degenerates are blocking their way. The Lady Alyssana is on the far side of the bonfire, alone. Most of the degenerates move to encircle the Witch and protect her.

    What do you do?

    Sir Albrecht, you notice the hold that the Witch has over Sir Ganuf.

    Do you do anything in this time of trouble?

  • Knight

    @Mike Alfons swings his sword at the cultist in his way.

    !roll 1d20+3
    !roll 1d6+1

  • You rolled 1d20+3: 17

    Your rolls:
    1d20: 14 = 14
    Total: 17

    You rolled 1d6+1: 3

    Your rolls:
    1d6: 2 = 2
    Total: 3

  • Judge

    Alfons, you cut down the twisted underground man and you make an opening to reach the Witch and her mount.

    Do you take it? Once you enter the circle of fiends, you will be stuck there.

  • Knight

    @Mike Alfons, cutting his way through, will continue his charge towards the witch.

  • !roll 1d20 +4
    +2 from coming from the abyss
    +1 steel forge sword
    +1 pesent armor


  • You rolled 1d20: 4

    Your rolls:
    1d20: 4 = 4
    Total: 4

  • Judge

    Sir Gabriel, you are intercepted! You are now engaged in melee!

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