Play-by-Post: Knights of the Five Kingdoms!

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    It's that time again!

    The Knights of the Five Kingdoms, led by Sir Axell the Champion of Winterhaven, have escorted the Lady Elsibeth to her marriage celebration at Starpeak in The Easterlands. In honor of the marriage, Lord Dalton who is the father of the groom is holding a tournament!

    This is the Knights of the Five Kingdoms play-by-post! An episodic game where you play a knight competing in tournaments and/or going off on short quests.

    So, what is it?

    This is a game we will play on the forum here. Hence, play-by-post.

    The large majority of this particular game will be the playing out of a tourney set in a medieval world of knights. This particular tournament will involve jousting. Your knight will enter the lists and face off against other knights. The winners get gold and a chance for the grand prize (a real life prize!).

    You describe your knight and then send me your attacks / defenses via private message to play out against the other knights (the other players). It is a very low intensity play-by-post. Meaning, you can roleplay as much or as little as you want. The key thing will be sending me the decisions made in the joust.

    How many can play?

    All of the knights are player characters! There is no limit. The more the merrier! Preferably we have at least 6-8, but up to 10-12 (or more!) would be great.

    I'm interested. How do I learn more?

    Go to this group page and join:

    Once you join, you can see the various threads in the Knights of the Five Kingdoms discussion area, including instructions for creating your knight character. I've also included the Jousting Rules, which will be important to look over and understand.

    Create a new character in a new thread. And then, chime in on the Tourney of Starpeak: Signups! thread.


    The winner of the joust will get in-game gold, XP, and honors, of course.

    BUT, we're also going to have a real life prize to make this interesting.

    As with last time, I'm throwing in a $20 Gift Certificate to DriveThruRPG!

    You could use that to buy a set of the Original Edition of D&D ($9.99), or any number of items.


    What did you buy with your gift certificate, @Judge_John aka Sir Axell (winner of the first tournament!)?

    We still need some players, so go ahead and sign up for your chance to win the prize!

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    If you are already in the group @Knights-of-the-Five-Kingdoms you are of course invited as well!

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    Still looking for a few more players!

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    We're up to 6 knights! Need a few more to really make it special!

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    We're closing signups this Sunday! Hop in before then if you're interested!

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