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  • I've been in the area for about a year now, and I'm looking to run a homebrew game of life and adventure upon the high seas as a group of scallywags and pirates. Due to the nature of the content, I ask that anyone interested please be an adult (18+, 21+ preferred in case we decide to have rum or other beverages appropriate to the theme lol). Location, schedule, and the like are TBD by the group. I hope to have a core group of 3 to 5 players, with more welcome to join or hop in and out. The campaign will be based upon the existing adventure path of Skulls & Shackles. It will be a sandbox homebrew, so anything is possible. I plan to run PCs from level 1 to 20+, with the potential for epic/mythic opportunities, depending upon group desire and actions. If you are interested in playing such a game, please reply and let me know. 5e is good and all, but I'm craving something, dare I say, old school? Other adventure paths are available as well. If interested in a 3.5/Pathfinder game, but not one of debauchery as pirates, let me know that too! I'm very open to suggestions and flexible. Please spread the word too. You may also find me at Heros Comics on Baxter Ave every other Friday night during the Nerd Louisville event. I'm the guy with a big bushy red beard, looking like I came from the Appalachians, except I have all of my teeth lol.

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    Can't commit (not enough time, too much guilt trip exposure for a regular game without my 10-year old, etc.) but wanted to wish ya good luck. One of the best campaigns I was ever in was Skull and Shackles.

    I miss that peg-legged dwarf. Spoiler: he died. Everbody died.

  • @Lane lol, Thanks, Lane. I'll need it. If we end up meeting at one of these events, I'd love to hear the story of your peg-legged dwarf.

  • Hi! I currently DM a 3.5 game, and like pretty much all DMs, I'd like to be a player for once. Do you have any idea on when your game would be? I saw group will decide, but are there any days and times that are preference or don't work?

  • @ProxProse As of right now, there's nothing decided. I have a personal preference for weekends, but we have one request for Wednesdays. I'm available whenever, so it truly is up to those interested and what is best for them.

  • @Odairius Cool! Assuming you're still looking for players, I'd be interested in a weekend game.

  • @ProxProse Awesome. Sounds good. I'm getting ready to post on Nerd Louisville's Facebook page as well. Hopefully it will generate more views, so we can get something going sooner.

  • @Odairius never heard of it. But looking to get back into table top gaming. Sounds like something like that would be a blast. Where do I sign up?

  • @bobafetish simple! You just did. Keep an eye out on this forum or on the Nerd Louisville Community Facebook page for more information.

  • After last night's 5e session at Hero's, I believe that we have enough interest in this campaign to move forward in determining a schedule. We have some expressing preference for weekdays and some for weekends. I am listing two different weekend days simply because I recognize that some people will still want to play their 5e characters on Friday nights. Please let me know which you prefer. Majority wins.
    Wednesday's at 3p
    Friday's at 7p
    Saturday's at 7p

  • Good afternoon, folks. I hope everyone had a good Easter & holiday weekend! Please don't forget to tell me your preferred day/time to meet up for these shenanigans.

    Wednesday's @ 3p
    Friday's @ 7p
    Saturday's @ 7p

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