Day 1!

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    Word has spread wide across the Five Kingdoms that Lord Emory of House Brune has sent his daughter, the fair maid Elsibeth, to a son of House Dalton in The Easterlands at Starpeak. In honor of the marriage, Lord Dalton has staged a Spring tourney and has offered a bounty of 2,500 golden coins to the knight who wins the tourney.

    Starpeak Castle is perched high atop a mountain that cradles the castle like a babe in its mothers' arms. The wind whips the various banners of the Easterland lords and high above you snow still clings to the cloud-slicing peaks. An old town like this has a permanent jousting lane and preparations are being made to get it in order for the tourney to begin. The lords and ladies of the nearby lands, and all their servants, are all collecting in the grandstands. The guests of honor, bride and groom, have a seat at the front of the grandstand.

    The tourney has also attracted merchants and entertainers excited to profit off the good Spring weather and crowds of attendees. The smell of cinders and sausages fill the air. Armorers and smiths are setting up stalls to hawk their wares. And, a troupe of performers have erected a colorful tent where just outside a juggler amuses some Starpeak children. As the joust draws near, the crowds start to forge a barricade of people on either side of the jousting field.

    Tourney Rules

    The rules are as follows:

    1st Prize

    2,500 gp (XP) and the title of Champion of Starpeak

    The Champion of Starpeak gets the real-life award of $20 to DriveThruRPG, care of yours truly.

    2nd Prize

    500 gp (XP) and the title of First Loser of Starpeak


    Since we are doing double-elimination, you will only get the ransom of someone you eliminate from the tourney (it would be a silly thing to force someone to joust without their horse... heh).

    Per Easterlands etiquette:

    1. If you are eliminated from the tourney, you must forfeit your armor and horse used in the joust unless you pay a ransom to the victor. In the Easterlands, just the horse must be forfeited. The saddle, bags, etc. are not. If you pay the ransom, you keep your equipment and mount (it's good to have cash on hand).
    2. If you eliminate someone else from the tourney, you get either the armor and horse, or ransom, as described above. You also gain XP according to the value of said items (eliminating a more experienced and equipped knight, means more XP for you!). You may also decide to forgo the ransom and return a knight's horse. If you do this, you also forgo the XP.
    3. An injured knight may concede the tourney. Otherwise, they heal 1 hit point per HD each day and may continue on. If a knight has a healer as a follower, they may heal and additional hit point (+1).
    4. If a knight is slain, they are automatically eliminated.

    The rules for jousting are located here: Jousting. Summed up:

    1. Each tilt will have 3 passes or less.
    2. Each round, you will send me a private message with your lance and seating positions.
    3. I will adjudicate the outcome and describe it in this post based on the tables.
    4. If that pass doesn't determine an outcome, you will have a chance to pass again and send me new positioning.

    If you have any questions, ask them in the Signups! thread.

    Each knight post a brief description of your arrival so I know you read this post and we will begin with the first joust: Sir Ganuf and Sir Ulfryk.


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    I probably should have just tagged @Judge_John @Gombar @Aaron @edpfaff @westlemania639 @no1raddad instead of the whole group.

    Sorry about that!

  • Knight Dungeon Master

    As beautiful spring flowers bloom, and the town of Starpeak is in its usual bustling state, littered with many guests excited for the upcoming tournament of champions, a great sound erupts from pathways north. A rhythmic beating of drums fills the air, giving the presence of not music, but what sounds loud banging footsteps, rhythmic, almost as if to be in marching patterns. The townspeople confused start to look at one another, this is a joyous day, why such formality, who are these people, and what do they want with this town?

    As confusion grows the people all look northward, to see what all of this formality is about. When they look they instantly realize why, it seems a Smug northerner decided to enter their tournament. Many townsfolk begin to pass jokes, or make ridiculous claims, "who asked them here?" "Don't they know this is celebration, not training?" "Well I think I'll go ahead and pack up my wares, the parties already over" It seems the formalities and general lack of "Fun" the northerners convey in their demeanor proceeds them.

    As they look north the Golden Eagle of House Von Alderbacht, hang from a banner of men lined in a formal line, in front of an imposing knight. The knight is adorned in armor as black as night, with golden trim, riding upon a horse black, but with a white mane, quiet a rare site of a horse, although it is only a typical horse. As the drumming of the footsteps, accompanied by the men, approach the town. The Northerners arrive, Sir Ulfryk looks around, his long black hair covering his slightly scared face, and says Well let's get on with it shall we?

    As he turns, his tent has already been prepared by his men, it's obvious they are well trained, like soldiers, but this isn't war, this is a tournament, and success in one is not success in the other.

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    Hell yes, @westlemania639. Good opening!

  • Knight Fauxrunner Judge

    @Mike Did Axell get any kind of signification of winning the Winterhaven tournament? A championship belt?

  • Judge

    @Judge_John said in Day 1!:

    @Mike Did Axell get any kind of signification of winning the Winterhaven tournament? A championship belt?

    A title belt? Nah. Winterhaven was a small affair.

    However, during the jousts you aren't in and the wedding feast and ceremony, as Champion for Elsibeth you may sit in the grandstand seating with the other lords and ladies right next to the bride and groom.

  • Judge

    Oh! You'd probably have Lady Elsibeth's ribbon or some shit.

  • Knight Fauxrunner Judge

    With a frothing destrier between his legs, Sir Axell rides into town. He notices a group of snot-nosed urchins, and bow-legged serfs.

    Hello Poor People! You look hungry? Jammons! Laswell, take these good people to Ye Funnele Cake vendors and buy them some food. HAHA! Your champion has arrived!

    Sir Axell hands a small sack of coins to Jammons to pay for food and entertainment for the serfs.

    Riding to the old jousting grounds, Sir Axell anxiously circles his horse around the tournament grounds.

    Stake our tents in the most prominent area. Let all know, the imminent tournament champion has arrived!

    Suddenly becoming sullen, Sir Axell uncorks his wineskin, takes a healthy swig. He then pours out the other half of the wineskin on the ground.

    This is for Sir Morgadans of the Summerlands! A greater Knight than any here!

    Sir Axell dismounts, hurling the wineskin aside and helps his men set up camp.

  • Knight Fauxrunner Scyther

    Sir Ganuf rides into Starpeak nonchalantly. Anthus is flying the Hulmstein heraldry, with an added flyer, "Witchslayer of the Easternlands". The twins ride a donkey tandem.

    The lands are windswept as the group rides in. They pay no mind to the peddlers, beggars, or shopkeepers. This is of financial hardships instead of any other reason. Deeds win praise, but do not fill your belly.

    Ganufs tent and encampment is set up in a corner of the alloted area. He and Anthus begin prepping and repairing any equipment that requires attention. A friendly hail is given to all of the Knights that have returned from the Easternlands with him.

  • The sound of music can be heard as a man comes in view in front of Sir Gabriel. Behind him the Black and Gold Banner of the House of Aragon flows behind him.
    Sir Gabriel waves are the town folks as they come to investigate the source of the music. Once arriving to contest camp area he will have his men set up his tent

  • Sir Edwyn enters the tournament with winning on his mind.

  • Knight Apocalypse Martian

    Sir Albrecht rides into the tournament grounds on his new warhorse. The massive beast stomps and snorts as he makes his way through the crowds. Albrecht looks ahead stoically, headed straight towards his tent.

  • Knight Fauxrunner Judge

    I got 10gp that says Sir Ganuf takes down the new guy. Any takers?

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    Sir Ganuf and Sir Ulfryk! @westlemania639 and @Aaron Send me your first pass (via private message)!

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    I've got @westlemania639's first round moves. Just waiting on Sir Ganuf @Aaron!

  • Knight Fauxrunner Scyther

    @Mike said in Day 1!:

    I've got @westlemania639's first round moves. Just waiting on Sir Ganuf @Aaron!


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    @Aaron said in Day 1!:

    @Mike said in Day 1!:

    I've got @westlemania639's first round moves. Just waiting on Sir Ganuf @Aaron!


    You submitted an illegal posture. I sent you a message explaining. Respond and I'll post results!

  • Knight Fauxrunner Scyther

    I was trying to pick in a hurry. I'll have a better plan next time.

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    The air is warm and pleasant, the sun is out and shimmering off the polished mail and plate, as the first day of the tourney begins.

    Sir Ganuf and Sir Ulfryk take the field for the first joust of the day.

    Pass 1

    • Sir Ganuf charges forward, shield low, aims base and his lance smashes into Sir Ulfryk, who loses his balance and is lifted from his saddle. He lands on the ground hard, the wind being taken out of him. (Result: U, +3 points)

    • Sir Ulfryk rides hard leaning left and aims chief pale. It strikes! Sir Ganuf's breastplate is struck directly in the chest but the tip of the lance glides up and into his throat. The crowd gasps! Could Sir Ganuf be killed here?! Somehow, Sir Ganuf stays seated on his horse and the tip of the lance is deflected by his gorget! By The Three! (Result: U/I, no unhorsing or injury! +0 points)

    Sir Ganuf wins the tilt by unhorsing Sir Ulfryk! The crowd begins cheering, Witchslayer! Witchslayer! Witchslayer!

    The crowd goes wild and this is a good omen for an exciting tourney!

    Final Scoring

    Sir Ganuf: 3 points
    Sir Ulfryk: 0 points

    Sir Ulfryk, you will proceed into the losers bracket. For this joust, you need not ransom your horse or armor. The next loss means you are eliminated from the tourney.

    Congratulations to Sir Ganuf, you move on into the winners bracket with a victory!

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    Sir Edwyn @edpfaff and Sir Albrecht @no1raddad: Y'all are up! Send me your first pass attack and defense posturing!


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