Eclipse Phase (1st Edition, 4th Printing)

  • I am Co-Gming an Eclipse Phase game, on Sundays: Planned to be on every other Sunday, this weekend not being the weekend to play. We had four members (Acting Gm, then 3 Players,) one person dropped, so now we only have three (Acting GM, then 2 Players.) So far, we've had 2 sessions. And we are looking at taking a short hiatus, and finding more players.

    Eclipse Phase, is a d100 system, made by designers/developers (Namely, Rob Boyle, and Brian Cross,) who worked on Shadowrun. It is a transhuman sci-fi/horror game, set after The Fall (of Earth), at the hands of the TITANS. Seed AI's (ASI's) that turned against their creators and with unlimited potential, assisted the destruction of Earth, before mysteriously disappearing.

    We've been playing at our house (Both GM's) in Shively, on Sundays. Though slotted to be every other Sunday: We have another game on opposite Sundays. The GM of the other game we're in cancels fairly often, so, we'll be playing on Sundays when we have enough players, and canceling when need be. We are willing to move locations, perhaps to Hero's or another house, our location is admittedly small.

    Please, post here, or IM me or the other GM @MLucas, if you're interested in playing, or would like more details.

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