Gencon 2019

  • Dungeon Master

    Are you going? What are you playing? Do you know of something we shouldn't miss? NL represent!

  • I'm going and was just about to post to check in if anyone else was. I'm scoping as much of the Burning Wheel HQ family as possible (which isn't much) and hoping to get into a few other games: Ars Magica, check out The One Ring, hopefully a B/X or 1st edition AD&D game, and maybe try one of the various new Star Wars RPGs. May try to run a Torchbearer game just to introduce my old roommate to it. If anyone wants to give that a try, plenty of time to sort something out.

    Otherwise, a bit of exhibit hall wandering, try to score the last handful of old Twilight:2000 modules that has become a pointless obsession, and hang with friends.

    Just started looking this morning at events - pumped!. :)

  • Update: I think I'm going to try to run two games for friends if anyone is super interested. Likely a post-dinner thing on two of the first three nights - Wednesday/Thursday/Friday. I think we're going out for a nice meal on either Wednesday or Thursday so TBD. But I'm going to try to be ready to run both a little Torchbearer introduction and I'm going to try to re-learn Twilight:2000 1st edition and run that too.

    If anyone is curious about the games:

    I'll likely head home Saturday evening exhausted, but if I've got the gusto to stay until Sunday I suppose that's a possibility too. :)


  • Judge

    Wish I could go! Y'all have fun!

  • @Mike If I can pull one of these games off, I'll try to run another back in town for you and some of the old guard if there is interest :)

    Set a high bar, and if I even get halfway there it's still better than nothing!

  • Knight Fauxrunner Judge

    I'll be there. Doing the usual. Running DCC. Playing DCC. Drinking. Not sleeping.

  • @Salyer be in touch, we should meet up for a beer if we can coordinate our schedules. :)

  • Well, hope everyone has gotten or will get the events they want. I didn't get into a couple things, including Mouse Guard, which is a bummer, but I still got into 2 Ars Magica games, a game of Grizzled (WW1 card game), a 1st T1 game and a B/X B1 game. Oh, and may go to Charlie Company, an old Vietnam minis game with jus ta hint of RP, but that may conflict with pickup gaming.

    Better than last time I went for sure, but I had backups and backups of backups in some cases!

  • Knight Fauxrunner Judge

    @sellanraa Andy has an extra ticket for a DCC game on Saturday 2pm. The DM for it is A++

  • That's when my B/X game is I believe. Sorry homie. I'd still like to grab a beer and catch up and if we can coordinate / you're interested, you should try Torchbearer when I run it. Not sure evening that'll be though.


  • Knight Fauxrunner Judge

    We had that BX game as our backup to this DCC game. We luckily got in it and got a spare ticket. I highly endorse this DCC game.

    Is the DM for the BX game Racheal Strange?

  • Yeah, I think she's running the 1st ed game I got in too, which should be the T1 module :)

    My old roommate said he played in a game she ran maybe at GaryCon and it was great.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Knight

    Check out the Twiling:2000 2.2 edition. I've been looking into 1E and 2E of TW:2000 and TW:2013 a lot lately. I like the character generation and most of the rules out of TW:2000 2.2, but the backstory and equipment lists are much better in the TW:2013 book.

  • Yeah, v2 is definitely more in-depth on the character creation side. As for 2013, I just have no interest in an updated backstory. I like that it is all a Cold War relic.

  • @sellanraa I've been hearing you talk about the Burning Wheel games for a long time, you should come out to Slur (or some other venue) and run one of them. I have wanted to try the system out for a long time.

  • @NerdtoriousBIG how much space do you have in your AirBnB? How much per night?

  • @Jonathan-Meadows I've actually considered that now that I've been developing the one shot. I'll definitely keep it in mind.

  • Judge

    All you lucky dogs have fun at GenCon this year!

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