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    Here's the Woolly Neanderthal race:

    Woolly Neanderthal

    Native to the chilly northern lands of Mastodonia, the woolly Neanderthals abide in small, physically isolated clans, often making their homes in and among great piles of huge glacially deposited stones. They subsist upon a variety of mastodon meats and have refined the arts of drying, smoking, curing, and barbecuing this sole source of nutrition to a high level of sophistication. Gourmands from civilization have been known to risk travel through the savage provinces to feast among the Woollies.

    Their material culture remains at a Stone Age level, despite (generally unwanted) contact with humans and other cultures. Woolly Neanderthals average around 6 ½ feet in height, and weigh in at an average 250 lbs of lean, wiry muscle. They are completely hirsute, and eschew clothing beyond mastodon leather action harnesses.

    These mighty hominids are typically shy and retiring, and in general go to great lengths to avoid encounters with human beings. Nevertheless, unusual individuals sometimes join adventuring parties and are prone to forming strong, Chewbacca-like bonds with single human beings.

    Woolly Neanderthals PCs may become fighters with the following racial adjustments:
    • Roll 2d6+6 for constitution
    • Roll 1d6+12 for strength
    • Roll 2d6+1 for intelligence
    • Starting money: 0d6 x 0
    • Starting equipment: Stone-tipped axe and spear (break on an attack roll of 1), water bladder, 1d6 weeks worth of mammoth-jerky, stone knife
    • Unarmored woolly neanderthals have a natural AC of 6 (adjusted by Dex bonus) owing to their thick, matted fur and thick skins.

    Woollies possess an animal cunning that belies their generally low level of human-style intellect. They aren’t great with abstract concepts, but they aren’t complete idiots. Even at maximum intelligence, woolly neanderthals speak in an old school Tarzan/Frankenstein/Tonto style dialect. Due to their exceptional size, both armor and weapons cost 50% more than normal from human purveyors. In the wild, woolly neanderthals have not developed metallurgy and resort to stone age weapons and leather armor.


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