Origins Game Fair

  • I'll be running games in the Rogue Cthulhu room.

    Title: Urban Fantasy All-Stars
    Desc: Hellboy, Ash, Buffy, Ghost Rider, John Constantine, Hermione Granger, and others join forces to defeat ultimate evil.
    System: Dresden Files RPG / FATE
    Players: 12
    When: W 2-6
    Room: B233

    Title: Cereal Killers - Night of the Living Crunch
    Desc: The dead are rising, and want to eat your grains. America's favorite breakfast cereal icons star in this grim and gritty urban adventure. Role-playing and a sense of humor stressed.
    System: Champions
    Players: 9
    When: T 9-11a
    Room: B233

    Title: Spideys on Infinite Earths
    Desc: Tickle your Spidey sense and thwip into the Spider-Verse to team up with Agent Venom, steampunk Lady Spider, Superior Spider-Man, Six-Arms, Spider-Woman, Spider-Monkey, Supaidaman, and other variations.
    System: Marvel Super Hero's (FASERIP)
    Players: 12
    When: F 9-11a
    Room: B233

    Title: Meep on the Borderland
    Desc: What if all of your favorite fantasy movies were remade with Muppets? Arm your felt with broadswords, holy symbols, magic wands, and a ten-foot pole. One does not simply wokka wokka into Mordor.
    System: Champions
    Players: 15
    When: S 9-11a
    Room: B233

  • Also the church service on Sunday.

    Title: Christian Worship Service
    Desc: Non-denominational worship service sponsored by the Christian Gamers Guild
    When: Sun 9-10a
    Room: A216

  • My event write-ups are linked here.

    Cereal Killers
    alt text

    Spideys on infinite Earths
    alt text
    alt text

    Meep on the Borderland
    alt text

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