2 players looking for 5E Group

  • Due to Med School our regular group has disbanded. Seeking a once-a-week 5E group that plays on a weekday evening. Both of us are respectful, versatile, and easy to get along with. We both have experience in 5E and one of us has experience playing pathfinder.

  • I would be available to join. This would be my first D&D group. I am available most nights as I work from home. Email me if you are interested.

  • @Dameon We have a group that meets weekly on Thursday evenings. Only catch is it’s in New Albany. Let me know if interested.

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    @Dameon Check out Heroes Comics and Games on Baxter Avenue, there's always a game on Friday nights (every other week on Friday is 'Nerd-Louisville Night' there - we just had it on the 16th so the next one will be on the 30th). This Friday will be a non-Nerd Friday night for local games so you and your friend are welcome either night.

    Heroes Comics and Gaming
    361 Baxter Ave, Louisville, KY 40204

    Look for either Steve (the owner), Gil (myself) Mason (in my group) or Lane and we can get into a game with someone or into our game depending on your character levels (currently our campaign is set for levels 8-11).

    Let me know if you're interested and if Friday would be good.

  • @HackSol Same as above reply. We play on Thursdays right after work, I feed the players since it’s at dinner time, only catch is that it’s in New Albany on the Indiana side.

  • Our group meets weekly in the Crescent Hill neighborhood, Tuesday nights from 6 to 10, although sometimes we run a bit longer. Currently alternating between two mid/high level 5E campaigns, but we also play Savage Rifts, Call of Cthulhu/Delta Green, and Dungeon Crawl Classics.

    Looking to recruit a couple players if you're interested.

  • @Cosmic-J That sounds awesome, please email me at gerber60@gmail.com so we can begin!

  • I'd love to join you also! I'm a dental student, so it'd be cool to run a group with fellow professional students. I've only just started getting into playing.

  • @Dameon Im new to Louisville and looking for a game too!!! Ive been playing for a LONGTIME. DMing for the last several years strsight until i moved so Id really like to play but if I need to.

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    @JonTexas Like I said to Dameon, try Heroes Comics and Games on Baxter Avenue tomorrow night at 7pm (I get there earlier as parking goes quick). Lots of good games going on at various levels with different DMs and you can find a group to get into. Our group is currently 9th-12th level, but if you're inclined to run, you can easily set your own game as well. Everyone's allowed.

  • @JonTexas, if you’re willing to drive to New Albany, we play at my place on Thursdays after work, make a meal of it (I feed folks, usually grill). We’ve had a regular group going for the last two years and going strong. Most of us have been playing since AD&D, so we're fellow “long timers” 😀(though there are a couple young bucks in there as well). You’d be welcome to play or DM, your choice.

    What’s the Texas connection? I moved to the area from San Antonio myself.

  • @JonTexas as an update, currently playing 5e, looking a dabbling in Pathfider 2.0.

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