Looking for a weekday group

  • Looking for a weekly group, doesn't matter the system really, preferably D&D 5E but familiar with tabletop games in general so I'm not too picky.

    Got burned out DMing so looking for a player spot.

    Free Sunday Evening - Thursday Evening

    Very laid back, don't mind a drive, willing to bring food!

  • Got two GM's interested here. @MLucas, who would like to run GURPS. And, myself I would like to run Shadowrun. You can pick who you want to run the most, and the other will have no trouble stepping down to play.

    But, we would need to find a couple more people. Or, just run with two PC's while looking for more people.

    Sundays work best, and we can discuss where we would be playing at. You can message here, or contact either of us. Looking forward to hearing from you.

  • @dereknc We run a Thursday 5e game right after work and make full meals of it, if you don’t mind driving to the Indiana side in New Albany.

  • @dereknc hi, have you found a table? I am starting a group, we have a DM and 2 players, for a small group (5 or less) 5e run. You can text me at 5025296679 if you're interested.

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