Dungeons & Dragons Apathy

  • Does anyone in the Louisville area play anything other than D&D?

    Why is D&D so popular in this area? Is it the genre or is it the rule-system?

    I don't know if you all know this, but there are other genres of rping and (believe it or not) even better rping systems.

    Thus ends my rant.

    For real though, could someone shed some light on this?

  • Judge

    D&D is popular everywhere, not just here. That's just how it goes with a game like D&D having such a huge market share. I think it dropped off quite a bit and people tried other things during 4th Edition. But, with 5th Edition, it's back on top. That's just how it goes. Also, it's a good game.

    But, I know lots of folks into indie games, Call of Cthulhu, etc. You just need to find the right crowd or convince your D&D folks to give something else another shot. I usually find if I can convince a group that I'm a good DM, that if I run something else it won't be a waste of time. So, don't START with your wacky Deadlands game. Get people on board with you as a Dungeon Master and then be like, "Hey let's try Deadlands for 3 sessions. If you hate it, we'll come back to D&D."

    Also, check out Nerdlouvia. Lots of Non-D&D games going down. I see: Apocalypse World, Torchbearer, Alien, Blades in the Dark, Terra Incognita, Shadowrun, The Expanse, Call of Cthulhu, Urban Shadows, and The King is Dead.

  • Definitely some folks who aren't as into D&D, but as Mike said, there are versions that are good and fun (I haven't kept up since 3.5). It's also sort of the lingua franca of gaming I guess.

    I just managed to convince some friends, most of whom I've never gamed with, to do Torchbearer. I played some Ars Magica at GenCon with a nice dude from Louisville who said his group is doing Cyberpunk or Shadowrun (can't recall), and I recently reconnected with a dude from a game group I was in over 20 years ago who is doing Traveler I believe. DCC has some fans here too. When I had my last burst of consistent gaming about 8ish (?) years ago we did Burning Wheel, Fate, Pendragon, Dungeon World, B/X, and 1st edition AD&D.

    I think it just takes a bit more work to find folks and most are satisfied with the default. The non D&D peeps are out there though. Mike's approach is sensible too, rope them in and then mix it up may be good for the gamers who are either more conservative or just unaware of what other cool options are out there.

    I'm running 2 Torchbearer sessions at Nerdlouvia. Check it out! :)

  • I've always been more of a sci-fi and superhero fan, myself.

    At the moment, I'm playing in a (monthly-ish) modern monster hunter game.

  • Knight

    I'm in a couple of table top wargaming groups, but those aren't exactly roleplaying groups.

    Other than that, it's basically DnD.

  • @Aaron Out of curiosity, what war games?

  • Knight

    @sellanraa said in Dungeons & Dragons Apathy:

    @Aaron Out of curiosity, what war games?

    Battletech and Bolt Action

  • We call our group Digression Incorporated, partly because we play so many different games.

    In the last year, we've played two 5E D&D campaigns, Savage Rifts, Call of Cthulhu, and we just wrapped a Dungeon Crawl Classics funnel.

    In the next year we expect to finish both of our 5e campaigns, and play more DCC, Delta Green or CoC (maybe both), Feng Shui 2, Savage Rifts, Runequest/Glorantha, and Paranoia. Some talk of trying out the new starter sets for Shadowrun and Cyberpunk Red, but those may be more than a year off.

    Board games too, on the nights when not everyone can make it. Robo-Rally, Heroquest, Lords of Waterdeep, Talisman, and my favorite Ogre.

    So no worries, diversity in gaming has at least a few supporters hereabouts.

  • Adventurer

    D&D stock is hot, it is getting airtime/blogtime/twitch, and it is what people know to ask for. I am currently running Tiny Wastelands and have played for well over 30 years in Warhammer Fantasy Role Play, Arcanum, Runequest, Basic Role Play, etc. Just finished running 5E starter set, and have played a lot of every version of D&D since Holmes (I even really enjoyed 4th ed). Best does not mean most successful, or betamax would still be a thing...

  • Adventurer

    @Mike said in Dungeons & Dragons Apathy:

    ... I think it dropped off quite a bit and people tried other things during 4th Edition. But, with 5th Edition, it's back on top. ...

    Pathfinder kicked D&D in the teeth for poor marketing and delivery of D&D 4th, and it showed in the development and delivery of 5th. I really thought 4th was a decent game, and we had a lot of fun with it, but WoTC/Hasbro did not have an answer for the naysayers and it got stomped on. They did not ask their market what it wanted most, and got punished for delivering something else. Almost nothing that was bandied about for 4th was really true, but perception is 9/10 of reality. And perception now is that 'D&D is cool, but what's an RPG?'

  • Adventurer

    @sellanraa said in Dungeons & Dragons Apathy:

    rope them in and then mix it up

    Ha ha! The first taste is free...

  • We always have other options at Slur Your Role.

    With my friends during our regular Tuesday night game, I ran a full Savage Worlds Star Wars campaign, several Call of Cthulhu one-shots, Blades in the Dark, Never Going Home, East Texas University, and some game about Robot Kittens - all within the past year. We also played D&D, and that was great too. Find friends that like role-playing, that will naturally lead to being able to play and try other systems. Or come out to Nerdlouvia, the schedule is packed with great games.

    Take a look at the schedule: https://nerdlouvia.com/schedule/

  • A lot of this conversation involves dealing with crowds, or generally being personable. Or, having money, and time to do things.

    For those of us with less time, money, and/or less outgoing personalities. It is generally a pain in the butt trying to find a group in general, and keep a group together. Yet alone one that isn't 5e, or some other iteration of D&D. That isn't online.

  • Judge

    @SaturnSolaris said in Dungeons & Dragons Apathy:


    There ya go. Problem solved if you don't want to be sociable.

    The money thing? I mean, it's $5 for SYR and Heroes is free (last I heard). You can run games at Nerdlouvia for a pass, if I recall.

  • Your pushing past the threshold, to the extreme. I'm fairly comfortable with a small (4 - 6) group meeting up at a decent, quiet place. I personally prefer that over online play.

    As I said, finding that group, and keeping that group going is fairly difficult. Genre/System doesn't matter. Though it is alot harder if you want to try for something out of the box.

    Though, I'm happy to see other people have had more luck and a better experience. That is not, nor has it ever really been my experience.

    I know I have put up a few ads in the last few years that didn't get a peep. And I am not throwing in the towel, to run D&D. Just so I can try to run something different later. That is neither true to myself, or honest to the players.

    And the last two times I decided to go to Heroes it was on the wrong week. Which isn't their fault, I'm just bad at keeping track of which week it is.

  • @SaturnSolaris what about putting up flyers in local game shops? I've met good folks that way back in the day before so much was done online.

  • @sellanraa
    I was going to do something like that last game I ran, admittedly, I never got around to it. I did put up a few ads online in some different places. I eventually moved that one from tabletop to PBP, because I just couldn't get the people to run it consistently.

    I'm not currently ready to run anything. However, I am working on a cyberpunk style game, which will take at least a few (3 - 5) months of consistent hard work. But, I have ADHD and bad time managements skills, so you can probably double (6-10), or even triple that (9 - 15); and, be happy if it takes me less time.

    I know @MLucas, is throwing together a GURPS game. He has one person (myself), for sure, and maybe two or three players total. It would be nice if we could get at least 4 consistent players, but I sincerely doubt it. Then, whenever he's ready to throw down the mantle, and I'm done with what I'm working on I can take over.

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