• In the interest of consolidating my posts, I'll just post any random Torchbearer stuff here. I know not many folks care, but I'm an enthusiastic supporter and want to spread the word.

    I know I've posted about some other Kickstarters before, but here's one by my friends who did The Grind zine. I have gamed online regularly for over 2 years now with some of the dudes who do Mordite Press and they're super awesome. Not a lot of TB stuff out there, so I back it all. I have a PDF of a draft and it looks like a really interesting expansion on the game. I know they already have some other stuff cooking both with Mordite and some collaborations with Thor, the creator of the game. Just trying to spread the word! :)

  • Already funded about an hour ago, but look at this stretch goal! :)

    $3,000: A new Cavernous Underworld territory supplement: A collaboration with Jared Sorensen and Mordite Press. Includes a new Kobold Sapper class!


  • Hit the stretch goals! If you're interested, the campaign ends tomorrow at 6pm :)

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