LFG on fridays or saturday

  • Hey-o everyone! I'm looking for a group mainly because I want to meet some cool people and make new friends! I am 18 (IDK if that might be relevant to anyone) and have really only played dnd 5e, but I would love to play more trpgs and I'm a fast learner if that helps. If anyone wants another player just let me know!

  • @Gavin Would you be interested in playing Monster Hunters? I'm looking to start a game and have two players at the moment. It would be on Saturdays.

  • That sounds cool! I'm vaguely familiar with monster hunters from a podcast called "The Adventure Zone" that used "monster of the week". Let me know if you have any more info, because I could totally be in!

  • Monster Hunter!

    I'm not sure that it is the same thing as on the podcast. What I'm planning is a GURPS 4e game.

  • Cool. I've never heard of GURPS before so if you are willing to have a noob on, I am game!

  • @Gavin

    GURPS basic rules are simple, just roll 3d6 and try to get under your skill level. The gurps system is more of a toolbox than anything else. So, you can add in as much complexity as you are comfortable with.

    The most time consuming and complex aspect is character creation since there is so many choices available. I'll be using character templates though. Character templates limit your choices so that you create a more effective and genre related character.

    Other than that and a few situation specific rules (e.g. combat) that's all you need to know. 95% of the complexities of the system is on the GMs shoulders.

  • Also, would you be willing to meet up somewhere this Saturday. Say Heroes on Bardstown or something similar. We can get a feel for each other and discuss the game, maybe even make characters. I work until around 4 on Saturdays, so 5 or later would be ideal.

  • Gurps sounds cool! I can meet at Heroes on Saturday at 5 if that works for you.

  • @Gavin See you then.

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