Monster Hunter!

  • From Beowulf to Buffy, people have shared tales of fearsome monsters – and the brave few strong enough to stand in their way. Wherever the forces of darkness threaten humanity, there are hunters willing and able to stop them. Now, you can become one of these brave champions!

    To the average person, the world is our own. But the enlightened few know the truth: Magic, psi, monsters? All real! Vampires stalk the alleys, werewolves race across rooftops, and rogue psis enslave the police. Humanity is under constant attack, and if people knew, things would only get worse. It's up to you to save them – so get ready to cowboy up and kick monster tail!

    Looking to start a Monster Hunter game. I have two players that are interested at the moment. I'm looking for a few more to round out the team.

    Specifics have not been settled yet; depends on player input. Looking at Saturdays, or maybe Sundays. Time depends on which day is settled upon.

  • @MLucas This will be on alternating Saturdays, 5-10. We will be using Gurps 4e cinematic rules. If anyone is interested.

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