LFG new to Louisville looking to play or DM

  • My wife and I just moved to Louisville. We're a young couple in our late 20s. Played D&D 5E for a couple years and looking for a new regular group. Have experience as players and DMing. Would like to meet once a week for a few hours. Preference to meet Friday or Saturday evenings, but can do any day.

  • Hey Eli! We always need DMs for our Slur Your Role and Friday Night RPG events. The general idea behind those events is that we run regular pick-up style games on a weekly basis that players can jump into when they have free time. We even have our own (D&D) organized play system so that players can move their characters from game to game.

    If you are looking to play, those are great events to make friends and find like-minded people. There is an event tonight beginning at 8 PM at Heroes Comics and Gaming, and another event next Sunday at Kaiju that begins at 4 PM.

    We also have a convention coming up - Nerdlouvia 2019. We have a special promo going on at the moment that will get your $5 off a full weekend pass ticket.

    Get your ticket to Nerdlouvia here: https://nerdlouvia.com/ and use promo code: NL5OFF to save $5 on a weekend pass. If you want to see what we have on the schedule, you can do that here: https://nerdlouvia.com/schedule/

    Welcome to the community!

  • @Eli hi, have you found a group yet? I am looking for 1-2 players to fill out a small group 5e campaign. You can reply here or text me at 5025296679 if interested.

  • @Nerds_Anonymous I have found a group! Thanks for posting this though. I hope you find excellent party members for your campaign.

  • @Eli thanks! Have fun! And always remember,
    "It's pillage first, Then burn"
    ~ Lüt Hahler The Scarred - Orc Chieften.

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