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  • Hello, brave citizens! Does the life of a tavern wench or common thug bore you? Do your loins itch for adventure? Then you should visit your local cleric, then seek out the adventurers guild! (No, seriously. There are creams for that) The Guild is currently hiring 2 brave souls to take on daring - or insane - exploits to fight great evils, and acquire epic plunder! Leave your reply on the magicked message scroll, or reach for your sending stone, and click it 502-529-6679 times!

    Update 10/28/2019:

    Greetings Cultist Overlord. Today we lured in one sucker to die in jaws of the beast. Just need one more to wander in to complete our evil ritual... 😈muwahahahahahaha😈

    Signed, Cultist B.

    ... one seat left!

  • Dungeon Master

    This post is deleted!

  • @ElliottPaul

    GREETINGS poor brave soul! 'T will be naught but our fifth venture into the forbidding places of the realm! This hunt we seek long lost phandelvar, whilst our veteran retired troop leader trains a rookie or two. It will be a slow, casual adventure as some of our number labor 7 days before taking the next 7 to rest. We look to be riding forth on yon Thursday after next.

    Er... right. Edit cause I'm a moron and that crap was ridiculous to write, much less understand lol.
    5e system, DM is a new player, and so is my fiance, ill teaching, and I'll be coaching the DM between sessions to help him. Campaign will be lost mine of phandelvar since theres so much in resources and explanations for it online. Much easier on newbies. I'm a multi year, veteran player/DM but I can't DM anymore.

  • Adventurer

    Sure, I will take the leap. :)


  • @faedragon fantastic! Would you be so kind as to text 5025296679 at your earliest convenience so we can get you the basic table rules and info for the campaign?

  • Down to one empty seat! Is it yours? It could be!

  • @Nerds_Anonymous Sorry I didn't reply in a more timely manner. I did find a group so I'm not actively seeking to join a second one. Hopefully, you'll find one more for your table!

  • Were you able to find a player?

  • @JTong no worries! Thanks for replying. Enjoy your game, may the dice favor your sword!

    @Magpie we are still looking for one more! If interested, please text 5025296679

  • This post is deleted!

  • @Nerds_Anonymous one player needed as of 12/8/2019

  • @Nerds_Anonymous I might be up for picking up a second game. Can you tell me more about the game? The story, the players, when it meets?

  • @JTong hey, absolutely! We're playing phandelver for now, to teach my girlfriend to play and we're meeting up every other Thursday (session 0 on the 19th) about 5 to play until the 1st person needs to stop for the night. I am hosting at my apartment and have a well furnished play space. Good light, lots of table space, battle map and whiteboard, etc. After phandelver, DM can choose to keep running, or take a break, at which time we ask for a volunteer to run a module length campaign, 6-10 levels in length. If no one volunteers we'll draw straws for the job, with only current DM exempt. We will support a new DM as much as possible. I have several module books to choose from, and will be buying more, as well.

    If you have any specific questions or are interested in coming out to try on the group, text me
    @ 502-529-6679 for the address.

    As this is a private residence, we can meet and greet in public prior to that thursday if it helps. Cheers!

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