People of Color in Fantasy & Horror

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    This is a really good podcast episode about the topic. It's focused on fiction, but I think it also can apply to roleplaying games and your campaign / one-shot setting.

  • Thanks! As the father of two black nerds, I am always interested in this topic. I've got a lot of driving to do this weekend, so I needed something to listen to.

    On a related note, there are just a few days left to back the kickstarter for Harlem Unbound: A Cthulhu RPG Sourcebook. I heard about it when they interviewed the author on the KARTAS podcast. We've talked about the challenges of recognizing H P Lovecraft's genius as a horror author while criticizing his racism. It's also a challenge to run "classic era" (1920s) Cthulhu stories because of the racism of the era. Here an African-American RPG author tackles these challenges head-on.

  • @AndyB That does seem like a challenge. I wonder if it'll turn out more pulpy or gritty.

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