Day 3!

  • Judge

    @Knights-of-the-Five-Kingdoms gather 'round!

    The final jousts for the Tourney of Starpeak are about to begin!


    The finalists are Sir Axell @Salyer and Sir Ganuf @Aaron.

    sir axell vs sir ganuf.png

    Send me your first pass AP/DP knights!

  • Judge

    The beautiful sunny day and crisp, cool air gives way to overcast and flurries. A dip back into winter momentarily.

    The smell of honeyed cakes and fresh manure fills the air. Trumpets sound as the nobles make their way to the grandstands. Knights who have been eliminated and their squires fill the small seats and the peasants fill in the rails. It is by far the most crowded day despite the unfortunate turn of weather.


    Sir Ganuf the Witchslayer and Sir Axell, Champion of Winterhaven, take the field for the first joust of the finals. Sir Axell has yet to be defeated and thus maintains his two remaining losses before he can be ousted. This means Sir Ganuf will not have to defeat Sir Axell once, but twice (or strike a blow powerful enough to outright slay Sir Axell, not that the gods would look kindly on such a victory).

    Pass 1

    • Sir Ganuf charges forward, leaning left, and aims his lance at Sir Axell's shield, chief pale. Sir Axell maintains a steady seat and the lance strikes hard, bursting into chunks of splinter! (Result: B, +1 point)

    • Sir Axell rides hard steady seated and aims chief pale. His lance hits Sir Ganuf's shield but merely glances off! (Result: G, +0 points)

    The crowd erupts in applause! The first pass goes to Sir Ganuf, who takes the lead with a point!

    However, Sir Ganuf's broken lance means he must ride steady seated and Sir Axell knows this.

    1st Pass Scoring

    Sir Ganuf: 1 point
    Sir Axell: 0 points

    Sir Ganuf, you broke your lance and must ride Steady Seated on pass two!

    @Aaron and @Salyer send me your second pass AP/DP!

  • Knight Fauxrunner Scyther

    Who are we waiting on?
    Sir Ganuf has a tournament to win.

  • Judge

    Hahaha. Sir Axell has submitted his pass. You're waiting on my now.

    I'll post at latest by tonight!

  • Judge

    @Aaron gimme a saving throw versus Paralysis!

  • Knight Fauxrunner Scyther

    /roll 1d20

  • Bot

    1d20: [2] = 2

  • Knight Fauxrunner Scyther

    @Dice said in Day 3!:

    1d20: [2] = 2


  • Judge

    @Aaron said in Day 3!:

    @Dice said in Day 3!:

    1d20: [2] = 2



  • Judge

    Sir Ganuf and Sir Axell wheel around to the starting line. Sir Ganuf's squire tosses him a new lance.

    Pass 2

    • Sir Ganuf charges forward, steady seated after breaking his lance, and aims his lance at Sir Axell's shield, fess pale. His lance strikes Sir Axell's shield and merely glances off! (Result: G, +0 points)

    • Sir Axell rides hard leaning right and aiming fess pale. His lance hits Sir Ganuf's shield and splinters into a thousand pieces! The blow causes Sir Ganuf to sway and he cannot keep his seat! He is unhorsed! (Result: B/U, +4 points)

    The crowd erupts in applause! The Champion of Winterhaven has unseated The Witchslayer! It's over folks!

    2nd Pass Scoring

    Sir Axell: 4 points
    Sir Ganuf: 1 point

    Condolences to Sir Ganuf, you owe Sir Axell 550 gp or must forfeit your horse and armor (Full Plate & Heavy Warhorse).

    Congratulations to Sir Axell! You have eliminated Sir Ganuf and have become the Champion of Starpeak! You gain 550 XP and Sir Ganuf's armor and horse unless he can pay you the 550 gp (you may sell for 550 gp or distribute to your squires/followers).

    Furthermore, as Champion, you earn the bounty of gold 2,500 GP and an additional 2,500 XP!

    @Aaron let @Salyer know if you intend to pay up or forfeit your stuff.

    @Salyer also wins the DriveThruRPG real life prize of $20 gift certificate to spend as he pleases! I'll send this your way later today.

    @Knights-of-the-Five-Kingdoms thank you for participating in this tourney! Congrats to those who earned some XP in the process and to the winner of the tourney, Sir Axell Foley!

    There will be a short Quest posted in the next few days for those interested!

  • Judge

    Final bracket.


  • Knight Fauxrunner Scyther

    Paying up the 550gp

  • Knight Fauxrunner Judge

    Sir Axell salutes Sir Ganuf saying, "Well fought Sir Ganuf. But your lance arm is not as strong as a Man of the Southlands! HAHAHA!"

    Sir Axell rides past the crowd on the way back to his retinue.

    What's the reaction from the crowd?

  • Judge

    @Salyer Good question! Roll 2d6 for me!

    Type: ‘’’/roll 2d6’’’

  • Knight Fauxrunner Judge

    /roll 2d6

  • Bot

    2d6: [6,2] = 8

  • Judge

    It’s a mixed reaction. Clearly the Champion of Winterhaven and now Starpeak has admirers! Many of them shout your glories! But there are a few who slander the Foley name and you make them out in both the common folk and grandstands.

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