The Lady of Scargard

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    The Easterlands are beautiful in the summer. The mountainous region is in full bloom; the winter snows have melted and rivers are overflowing, the meadows lush, and the mountain flowers open.


    Narrow trails lead through the hills and mountains toward Scargard. Perhaps you are traveling together, perhaps you are alone. In any case, a knight as yourself travelling with only a squire will usually go unmolested by constables and the law, and in some cases even given proper honors or a free place to stay on the road.

    Finally, you arrive at Chateau de Scargard, an old castle nestled atop a rocky hillside.


    You are escorted by the Captain of the Watch to the Lady of Scargard's audience chamber, where you are offered wines and cheeses.

    The lady herself is younger than you expected, maybe 16 winters of age at best. She wears a simple circlet with a sapphire set into it. That holds aside her dark hair. She has a natural, dark nutmeg tint to her skin.

    To your surprise, she is clearly a princess of the Southlands, the land the Easterland Kingdom is at war with.

    Dreya Scargard.jpg

    The hall is large and a handful of men-at-arms with glaives stand guard here. A large Easterlands knight stands next to the Lady, her personal bodyguard you guess.

    Welcome, sir knights! I thank you for coming so far and during these trialsome times. Please...

    She waves toward the food and drink.

    Take rest from your weary travels while I tell you of the dangers that have beset our kingdom. The Ogre.

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    Knights Roster

    Knight Level Squire Player
    Sir Ganuf 2 Anthus @Aaron
    Sir Edwyn 2 Dicky @edpfaff
    Sir Gabriel 2 Pancho @gombar
    Sir Ulfryk 1 Hansel @westlemania639
    Sir Albrecht 1 Knappe @no1raddad
    Sir Gynseric 1 Johann @WJonze

  • @Knights-of-the-Five-Kingdoms @Mike

    Thank you for receiving us, and for the opportunity to aid you.

    Johann and I bow deeply, take a modest amount of food and drink, and sit close to the throne.

  • Knight Dungeon Master

    Ulfryk approaches with Squire Hansel at his side, takes the ladies hand bows and kisses her hand,

    Sir Ulfryk of House Von Urgen at your service my lady, these are troubling times, Squire Hansel and myself will do all we can to assist you in these troubling times

    Ulfryk takes a step back, bows again, nudges Squire Hansel in the stomach in a way to force him to bow lower as his bow is not to his liking. Walks to his table and begins to sip wine that his Squire brings to him from his homeleands.

  • Knight Fauxrunner Scyther

    Anthus introduces my entrance...
    Sir Ganuf of Hulmstein, the Witchslayer.
    He takes a slight bow.

    Greetings m'lady and to you sir knight. I look forward to hearing about you, your lands, and this ogre.

    For now, may I stow my equipment and make a place for us to stay?

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    Let's do BOLD & ITALICS for dialogue.

    The lady nods. Her seat is at the head of the table.

    Your squires may stow your equipment in the antehall.

    She motions to a smaller side room.

    Enjoy yourselves. I know it has been a long journey. I have heard of your exploits, Sir Ganuf. You are said to have slain the Witch of Starpeak. Until the other knights who have pledged themselves to this quest arrive, will you regale us of the tale?

    @Aaron a good tale will earn you 100 XP for the glory you will gain before the Lady of Scargard.

    Also, does anyone have the skill Folklore or Heraldry?

  • Knight Fauxrunner Scyther

    Sir Ganuf approaches,
    May I take a seat at the table?

    My friends and I had tracked the Witch of Winterhaven to her den underneath of the vale, in a maze of tunnels. It was here that Sir Albrecht and I encountered a meeting of Lady Elisbeth, the Witch, and several of her horde without ourselves being detected.

    Then, while dramatically rising from his seat and bellowing,

    Retaking his seat,
    Obviously, she did not submit. He says with a chuckle.

    Here is when she buckled me only to a knee with her witchcraft. She could not make me submit wholly. I regained my wits and we engaged in a melee with the witch and her horde. It was during this ruckus that the witch attempted to mount her stag and flee from the combat. At the sight of this, I slammed into her with my shield, unseating her and driving her to the ground. Then ensuing tussle lead us near the edge of a chasm. As I rose, I grabbed the witch and heaved her into the chasm, plummeting to her death.

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    You have the girl lady sitting on the edge of her seat. She gasps and rises, applauding enthusiastically.

    Bravo, Sir Ganuf! Bravo!

    She smiles widely.

    So, the Witch. Was her body recovered and burned then?

    Take your 100XP.

  • Knight Fauxrunner Scyther

    @Mike said in The Lady of Scargard:

    You have the girl lady sitting on the edge of her seat. She gasps and rises, applauding enthusiastically.

    Bravo, Sir Ganuf! Bravo!

    She smiles widely.

    So, the Witch. Was her body recovered and burned then?

    Take your 100XP.

    Her body was regrettably not recoverable. We were not able to burn her.

  • Judge

    Don’t you fear her coming for you one night while you dream? In my land, a Witch is never killed until burned.

    She smiles, there is a hint of mischief there.

  • Knight Fauxrunner Scyther

    I fear m'lady. Just as I fear not of your ogre.

  • There is a Knock on the Hall Door as the doors are Sancho Step Forward into Atencion, Jo attention My Lord Sir Gabriel De Aragon Of Seirosa Sir Gabriel walks in stands at the entrance for a moment and take in the scene of the feast to find the Princess and is surprise to see that she is from the southern land. He wave off Sancho and he leave the Hall, As Sir Gabriel walks over to the princess " Mi Reina, excuse my tardiness I have come to assist in slaying this ogre that terrorizing you land." as he bows " I also come bearing Gifts, from my Homeland and apparently yours as well. " clapping his hands Sancho comes in carrying a Wool Carpeting depicting a beautiful Mesa and a crate of the wine(50 GP value). " I present to you a traditional Wool carpet from the Monastery monk of Tydebreak and the finest wine of all the southern lands from Family vineyard in Seirosa." as Sancho lays the create of wine and wool carpet in the center of the room.

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    @Gombar Make sure you mark this gold off. You will get a bonus to any reaction rolls with the princess.

    Also, is it Pancho or Sancho? You have written it two different ways (in your character thread it is Pancho).

    Let's see if she is from Tydebreak:

    1. Tydebreak
    2. Siltgate
    3. Palmfort
    4. Sunthrone
    5. Mystkeep
    6. Spearkeep

    /roll 1d6

  • Bot

    1d6: [4] = 4

  • Judge

    Pleased by your gifts, the princess smiles widely.

    She speaks to you in your native tongue, though she has the accent of the Capital of Sunthrone.

    I am Sofía, Sir Gabriel. It is such a pleasure to speak my native tongue so far from home. You do me great honors with these gifts. Please, sit by me.

    Does anyone else speak the language of the Southlands? If you are not from there, you may roll a d6. On a 1-2, you have spent some time there and speak that language.

    To everyone else, they just see a quick exchange and the princess motions to Sir Gabriel to sit next to her.

  • "You honor me, Princess." Sir Gabriel says in spanish as he gets ready to set he will look at the other " Good evening, Gentleman." giving the salute to the other Knights, then takes his sit next to the princess.

    I will subtract the gold and it was my mistake its pancho us my squires name

  • @Mike said in The Lady of Scargard:

    Does anyone else speak the language of the Southlands? If you are not from there, you may roll a d6. On a 1-2, you have spent some time there and speak that language.

    /roll d6

  • Bot

    d6: [3] = 3

  • @Dice @Knights-of-the-Five-Kingdoms

    It's all Greek to me!

    Gynseric is know that is Southland native language, but dosen't understand.

  • Knight Dungeon Master

    Ulfryk's Father would never have allowed him to learn such a barbaric tounge, and therefore he never has.

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