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  • Hello!
    New to this forum, but I am growing tiresome trying to find any boards to post on nowadays.
    In short, I am an experienced GM and want to start a weekly (a few exceptions do apply) Pathfinder RPG tabletop game. Wow, that's a mouthful!
    I will host (note- I live on Fort Knox, but it is very safe and quiet - you will need to secure a visitor's pass) but of course, feel free to be drinks and snacks. Another note, I will sometimes cook a meal for everyone (yes, I'm a damn good cook). The initial plan is Saturday nights; however, I fully understand the need to work around people's schedules. Week nights are commonly a no-go.
    My goal is to have 3-6 consistent players who have RP experience and can be both fun and serious as situations apply. I do not run power games where a level 3 can hit for 50 damage (well...an enraged Barbarian who crits with a Great Axe maybe...) nor player-sacrificing games where a low level group is forced to fight demons (level 3 and see a Dire Bear grazing in the woods nearby? Sneak away then RUN!) Basically, play smart, consider all options, and, above all, have fun!
    If you have a group of friends who can RP smart and are interested in Pathfinder - D&D-like rules (my original world/campaign with PF rules), simply email me at wcallred26@gmail.com.
    If you have another game you would like GM'd (e.g.- Shadowrun, White Wolf, Wheel of Time, etc.), I have experience GMing those as well. Just ask and if there are 3-6 people wanting the same, I'm game to do it.
    Looking forward to getting characters created and the game started soon. My name's Will. Take care.

  • We're always looking for GMs to run games at our events and it's a great way to find a group of your own. We have events on Friday and Sundays typically, and if you are interested you should come out to our event next Sunday at Kaiju and we can talk about having you GM for us in the future.

    I'm sure Pathfinder would go over really well. A lot of people have been expressing interest in it as of late.

  • @Jonathan-Meadows Thank you for the reply. This weekend is one of the few exceptions where I will be out of pocket. I have an amazing daughter who I rarely get to see, so my time will be with her next Sunday. Let me know the next location and date during a weekend and I will try to make it. I work over 60 hours a week so I tend to be lazy on the weekends (thus, me hosting). Again, let me know when and where and I will try. I suppose I will need to prep mini-adventure?

  • For the first event, just come ready to play, and then you can see how we operate and then decide if you'd like to run a game.

    Games typically go around four hours and we try to make each game self contained. Slur Your Role is every other Sunday so we'll have one on the 15th, 29th, etc. We typically schedule around seven games for Slur. Right now we have a lot of D&D, Cthulhu, and Star Wars.

    On weeks when we don't have Slur, we have an event called Friday Night RPGs at Heroes Comics and Gaming. That event typically only has about four tables and its your more traditional event at a gaming shop.

    If you haven't already, join our Nerd Louisville Presents group on Facebook, that will keep you notified of upcoming events.

    I look forward to seeing you out at an event soon.

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