Arradina's Downtime

  • 1/3-1/9/2017
    Arradina is going to attempt the following during her downtime:

    She would like to fashion the head of Alexia (taken from the White Snakes' hideout) onto a pike, sneak up to Sephira's abode at night, and stealthily stick the pike somewhere where the head is very much view-able by Sephira and all her minions once morning comes. Arradina will also leave a note (much like Sephira left her) using any of the remaining blood from the head, which will state:

    My dearest Sephira,

    Meet the former leader of The White Snakes... and take this as a friendly warning from a previously loyal subject: You are looking at your future in front of you, if you decide to fuck with me, my friends, or The Ghost Company. Alexia was a true delight to tear down and take apart and I can only dream of the satisfaction your death would bring to me. So for your sake, let's not meet again.


    The rest of the time, she is going to try and be super under the radar to avoid any fallout from these actions. She would also like to attune to the dagger found in the lair and make sure Korg does not try and steal it back. :)

  • 1/17-1/23/2017
    Arradina would like to spend part of her downtime buying and procuring the following items, if they are available in the city:

    • studded leather armor (or if possible, any kind of light armor that might be more effective)
    • four healing potions (or as many as she can find/get)
    • two prop daggers (perhaps like the ones used in play-acting)

    While on her shopping spree, she will be sure to engage in conversation with any of interest (such as shop keepers, bar maids, etc), provided they seem friendly and benign. She will ask if they've heard of the gentlemen who returned the missing children safe and sound from the wicked witch. And did they know that these two men were part of the illustrious group known as "That Chick and Her Dicks?" Anyways, they might as well be considered heroes, but that's just Arradina's opinion. Also the women who is the chick in "That Chick and Her Dicks" is the fucking coolest. Or so she's heard.

    The first two listed items above, Arradina will keep herself (and perhaps she may distribute the healing potions among her group at a later point). The final item Arradina will wrap up as a present to give to her son, Robin. She will leave it for him on his window sill while everyone is out of the house and without a note (This is not the first time she has done this; therefore, Robin may be able to assume who the gift is from).

    Provided there is enough time, Arradina would also like to spend some time on the docks, flirting with the captain and/or sailors who Jeremiah knows and who may be able to help in procuring or commandeering a ship that could be sailed to the island. She would also like to visit the father of the son whose girlfriend had been murdered to see if he might be able to help in the group's quest for finding a ship.

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    Oh my....

    A Chick and her Dick's? I have seen everything now.

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    Studded Leather - 45 GP
    Potion of Healing - 50 GP each
    Prop Daggers - 5 GP each

    That Chick and Her Dicks
    The name "That Chick and Her Dicks" begins to catch on around town, but this seems to have unintended consequences. As time goes on, the name starts to appear on Arradina's wanted poster under known affiliations.

    I will allow you to make a charisma role tomorrow to see how willing the ship maker/sailors are to assist you.

  • 1/30

    Arradina is going to split her time doing two things:

    • First, she is going to scrap together materials and supplies from contacts (Jeremiah and such so it's cheap, because she ain't gonna pay for that shit) and her disguise kit to create four disguises for herself Korg, Na'wal, and Crypt.

    • Second, she is going to enlist Albert to create the forged letter from the governor. She will instruct Albert to put in the letter that a small group of soldiers and the cleric are taking a dragonborn prisoner to the sanitarium on the island. The letter will give permission from the governor that the group will be allowed to borrow a small ship with a crew to get to the island. Once on the island, the group is responsible for the dragonborn and they must be in charge of the dragonborn prisoner until he is fully locked up.

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