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  • @Vespairr I recommend that you come to "Slur Your Role," a bi-weekly RPG event that Nerd Louisville holds at the Kaiju Bar in Germantown from 4-8PM Sunday. There will be 4 different 5th Edition D&D Games. Get there before 3:45 to sign up for a game. Link: https://nerdlouisville.org/events/slur-role-xxiii/
    If you'd rather not go to a bar, then the next Friday will be our bi-weekly "Friday Night RPGs" event at Heroes Comics and Games.
    These aren't regular groups, where the same players follow a story every week. They are like mini-conventions. All of the games are open any players. Characters must start at level 1 using PHB-only (no supplement races or classes). Standard array for stats.
    Either of these events are great places to meet D&D players to find or start a regular group.

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    A lot of 5E groups have grown from this meetup. Check out the rules here:


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    @Vespairr, I run a 5e game on Tuesday evenings and we're looking for another regular player. We've had a few people fall through, and ideally, we'd like one more.

    Beyond that, I concur with Mike and Andy. We hold several events throughout the week. Come out to our Slur Your Role or Friday Night RPGs events and I will introduce you to everyone and help you get into a low level 5e Multiverse game. Like Mike said, several regular groups, including three that I personally run, have their roots in the Louisville Multiverse.

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    It might be a tad short notice for me but I'm pretty sure I can show up tonight if that wouldn't be a problem for. If I could, I could show up maybe 20-30 minutes ahead of time and discuss your rules, the party you have right now, what materials you allow and whatnot and possibly even get a character set up?
    If anything last second pops up for me I'll try my best to let you know but I'm pretty postitive I could go tonight

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    Come on out! We start at 6 P.M. and we play at Through The Decades.

    I can make a character for you if you need me to or you can bring your own. I'm not sure hoe much experience you have, but let me know what you need and i'll try to help you out.

  • @Jonathan-Meadows
    Alright. I can make that and I'm familiar with that shop too. I have a good amount of player experience with 5E and, very minimal but still some, DM experience with 5E. I should be fine as far as the character creation goes but I appreciate the helpfulness either way

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    I sent you an invite for our group on here.

    You can go to the Group Forum and read a little about the world and the current objectives if you have some time.

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    @Vespairr, remind me what your last name is so I can add you to our Facebook group chat. All important announcements are made in that chat, and I think the players have a separate group so they can scheme and plan.

    Also, don't forget to check out the forum for the game on here. I keep a lot of important reference information there.

    It was nice meeting and playing with you on Tuesday, you are going to fit right in.

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    I have a Facebook account currently listed as Kylie Shidare. It's an older account that I use every so often, the name's locked, and I never really used it often enough to justify making a new one. And I have checked out the group on here every so often