Korg of the Kronan Tribe's down time

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    After Korg returns from the sewers after defeating the white snakes leader he returns to his mountain men drinking buddies that he has aquired in the past few weeks to tell them the good news. "The Ghost Company should be able to have a bit of free time now that their rival's leader is no more and their lair have been taken out. Even if they tried to get back together their provisions are no more bwahaha!! Now as for your friend. What are the plans?" During the next week Korg helps the mountain men plan for the assult on the prison and asks them what they plan on doing to escape the city once they have their friend. Once the mountain men and Korg make a solid plan he starts to make preperations for this plan to work. Building traps, finding out the patrol's hours that they do a perimeter watch, helping the ghost company build something to destract the guards as we make our escape. He is the muscle when it comes to helping build a destraction. Traps are easy but a destraction device is a bit out of his area of expertise.

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    The Mountain Men share with you the map they made of Willowbrook Estate and tell you that they recently had a meeting with the Sons of Liberty. Apparently, the Sons of Liberty are working to securing a way out of the city but they need a little more time. The Mountain Men also suggest calling a meeting with The Ghost Company to formally plan an assault on the sanitarium. They believe they have several options but they are unsure what the best course of action might be, and preparation will change depending on the final plan.

    Willowbrook Estate

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