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    Hello all!

    Just got finished running The Heir of Orcus created by our very own Anthony Joyce and we are thinking of starting a new game. This game is a play by post in which we all try to post what we would like to do 5 times a week. (I would like to kick the ogre in the teeth "rolls 1d20+2") this style of play makes it so that all the players dont have to be playing at the same time of the day and only takes a few minutes in a day. Play while waiting in the dentist office, play dnd while waiting in line to buy toilet paper, play while pacing the house wondering when this social distancing will end. But this style of play does take a lot longer to play of course. The last module we played is intended to last around 7 hours but since it was play by post we just finished after almost a year.

    If this is something you would like to join just send me a message

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