Na'wal's Downtime

  • “Don’t go…”
    “You’re only going to endanger us…”
    “You don’t know their power...”
    “You must humble yourself...”
    “These spirits are too strong…”
    Na’wal remembered all of the warnings his tribe gave him as the oakheart glowed in his light brown hand. They accused him of being selfish and wanting the power to himself for bringing their oakheart with him but he finally had something tangible. The ruby red was quite the contrast to his own azurite blue that he had protected since he was first given the honor of guarding his tribe's sacred grotto, Jinnok. He had never seen another oakheart before. The individual tribes believed these oakhearts were their tribe's soul and to reveal it to an outsider would mean they'd lose their power. As he held it, he was surprised nothing was happening. Since he was an outsider to this oakheart, it should go dark or explode or something noticeable.
    It only glowed giving Na'wal quiet confidence in the words his mentor told him before going on his journey: "if we are to draw our power from a source then we must have power over it. Do not fear our beloved oakhearts. Find them. There is a reason generations of our kind have not discovered their true, original strength. We must try something different or soon we will truly be powerless.”
    Na’wal pulled his own oakheart from his satchel. He smiled. He could feel the energy from it invigorate him. This strange city and its strange people had worn on him. He needed a reminder from home. Na’wal reminded himself not to fear the oakhearts. With his arms spread far apart, he held an oakheart in each hand. They pulsed to their own rhythm but their state did not seem to change. He brought them closer together. The pulses grew less random and almost seemed to mimic each other. He brought them even closer with their glow becoming brighter and brighter. Na’wal put his fear aside and touched the two. He couldn’t believe it, his mentor was right. Bringing them together was certainly having an effect. They pulsed in complete rhythm, making Na’wal’s hairs stand up with each blast of light. He had known his oakheart to be in some kind of semi-stasis for so many years but now something was different. Very different. Almost as if something was… awakening.

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