1/15/17, Slur Your Role XXIII

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    Upcoming Game. Players who make it out alive, feel free to post player recaps here for bonus xp or possibly other boons in upcoming Moonthrone games

    Escape From Moonthrone!

    WHUMPF! Everything goes black (even if you’re an elf, dwarf, or whatever with darkvision; darkvision isn’t so helpful when there’s a burlap sack over your face).

    Your nose is assaulted by a sour, minty odor. Apparently there is some sort of soporific lining the bag over your head, because in seconds you feel consciousness slipping.

    Thunk. Dulled from the drug, you feel the slap of hard wood seconds after you are tossed onto it. As your mind sinks into the darkness, you can barely hear a muffled conversation, but only manage to make out one word: Moonthrone.

    Maybe you've heard of the fabled city, maybe you haven't, but surely this isn't how you planned on visiting. Will you find out who has taken you, and why? Will you escape? Will you make it out without ending up like this guy? Find out this Sunday in an adventure for newcomers to the Tiered City.

  • Dungeon Master

    Session Wrap-up
    Those of you who returned Door-Face to the cultists are offered two routes of escape from the City Beneath by the cultists. You may escape via a route which leads upward into to the sewers proper, from which you can easily find egress into Moonthrone's City Below, or by a longer route, likely similar to the way the Beggar's Guild caravan originally took you, which exits a cave into the swamps to the East of Moonthrone.

    If you said screw those creepy cultists and left immediately from the Beggar's Guild hideout, you can climb the spiral staircase in the large central room of the hideout; after a nearly two hour climb up the stairs, you find a hole, small enough to crawl through, that exits the base of a mooncoral tower into an alleyway behind a warehouse in the Moth District. Or you could keep climbing the staircase and see what you find.

    And you all, except strangely for Barbara the half-orc warlock, find your next few nights plagued by half-remembered nightmares about doors and windows.

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