ACKS Bundle of Holding

  • Judge

    I have all of these because I love ACKS and those dudes, but if you don't, consider getting in on this. Some amazing content from awesome dudes who work hard and have crazy amounts of integrity putting out Dwimmermount after what's his dick bailed.

    Cool B/X based system we used to run 3 years of Louisville D&D.

  • @Mike
    Thanks for the heads up.

    I really like ACKS. I especially like the support for non-dungeoncrawling stories: the table (mini-game really) to determine the outcome if your character commits a crime, for example (my thief got his hands chopped off and sent to a forced labor camp). I think that the downtime rules for 5E were influenced by ACKS.

    I like the fact that it has systems for managing kingdoms and for warfare, though I think we all agreed that they are too detailed and need to be streamlined.

    If I ever run a long-term 5E campaign, I will adapt a bunch of stuff from ACKS. I already sent @Judge_John my 5E versions of the "mortal wounds" and "tampering with mortality" tables.

    I am going to buy the level-up version of this bundle of holding. I already have a digital and paper (tabbed out) copy of the main rulebook and beta versions of the campaign and battle books, but it is worth the price to get the rest of the bundle.

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