Known Warlock Patrons

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    The following powerful beings or their followers have been encountered in Moonthrone, and may be suitable patrons for any warlock. If anybody has their own patron they'd like to list as well, feel free to post below.

    Ranir, Lord of the Chase - Fey Patron
    A capricious fey lord exemplifying the thrill of the hunt and the appetites of the predator, particularly foxes, badgers, and other mid-sized predators. His followers have been known to prowl the alley-ways of Moonthrone, hunting the followers of El-hrerarah.

    El-hrerarah, Fey Lord of prey creatures - Fey Patron
    Fey patron of rodents and other small mammals, particularly hares and rabbits.

    The Dreamer(s) In the Dark/The Sleeper(s) Below/The Dweller(s) Below - Great Old One Patron
    Mysterious patron that may or may not be one entity or a group of beings, and appears to have some connection to the mooncoral towers of Moonthrone. Cultists of the Dreamer, who seem to each have a different name for their god-thing, recently came out of hiding to terrorize the city, and threw a good portion of the City Below's citizenry to monstrous pseudopods that erupted through the Heartspire at the center of the city.

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    Glamorfrodorfilding, Lord of Portals - Great Old One Patron
    An entity bound in a mysterious non-euclidian realm accessible via a door where the face of the escaped prisoner known as Door-Face's face should be.

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    The Raven Queen
    There is some dispute throughout the the multiverse on the exact nature of the Raven Queen. Is the dark lady the true God of death, simply a god of death, a servant of the gods of death, or just some powerful Fey from the plane of Shadow with delusions of grandeur and a penchant for black birds?

    Opinions on her nature may vary, but the opinions of Moonthrone's rulers are in agreement: any professed followers of the Raven Queen, whether devoted clerics or deal-making making warlocks, are not to be trusted. There is already at least one major incursion of the Shadowfell in Moonthrone, a nearly half mile section of walled-off city between the Southspire, Lantern, and Gnarloch districts. The incursion is largely attributed to the Raven Queen's influence, though in her typical mysterious fashion, she has been silent on taking or denying credit.

    Some have also speculated on a connection between the Raven Queen and marcrow. While there are certainly rumors that she has a strong affinity for Moonthrone's resident birdmen, marcrow themselves do not generally have any allegience toward her, and are usually indifferent to the Raven Queen if they are even aware of who she is.

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    Azul - The Blue
    Blue. The color has been, and always has been. Or has it?

    Blue pamphlets have been found throughout Moonthrone recently. Some might have noticed blue ink on the blue paper, but few have been able to make sense of the ranting prose exclaiming the wonders and glory of some entity called Azul.

    Who is Azul? What is Azul? Is he a god? Is he a he? Jared the Dragonborn seems to think so. Thanks to the proselytizing of the blue-scaled paladin, some have heard rumors of the thing called Azul. In particular, in the Gnarloch District his name is whispered along with stories of mysterious blue lights and tiny creatures of folded blue-paper.

    Unlike their Oemarrian neighbors to the north, Moonthronians are not religious by nature however. Thus, whether Azul is a god or simply another extraplanar creature looking for egress into the material plane would certainly be a matter of debate for any Moonthrone scholar. Especially since prior to being called on for or aid, there was no evidence for Azul’s existence.

    While falling to his death, Jared called out to his (until then theoretical?) god. Some of his companions took up the call as well, twisting them all to varying degrees as Azul’s blue light washed over them. Since then the Blue has been invoked, and evidence of him fleetingly glimpsed. The Gnarloc, the ancient vampiric ruler of the district named for him, has even taken notice, but as a matter of curiosity or for some other motive remains to be seen.

    So is Azul a god? An entity created out of sheer belief? Or something else? A thing that heard a call and answered? Maybe a thing with it’s own name already, or that adopted the one it heard? Or a thing with no substance before, that took the belief it heard and molded itself to fit?

    Or maybe that’s what a god is? Who knows?

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    Luza - The Red
    The reverse of Azul. A red entity, in opposition to Azul, or maybe the same entity. Or the inverse. It's kind of confusing.

    Originally manifested with the red hexblade of the warlock Charion, which occasionally asked for more red (often in the form of blood) to be spread.

    Kind of a moot point now, as Charion and Jared managed to convince Azul and Luza to come together into Azuluza.

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