Known Warlock Patrons

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    The following powerful beings or their followers have been encountered in Moonthrone, and may be suitable patrons for any warlock. If anybody has their own patron they'd like to list as well, feel free to post below.

    Ranir, Lord of the Chase - Fey Patron
    A capricious fey lord exemplifying the thrill of the hunt and the appetites of the predator, particularly foxes, badgers, and other mid-sized predators. His followers have been known to prowl the alley-ways of Moonthrone, hunting the followers of El-hrerarah.

    El-hrerarah, Fey Lord of prey creatures - Fey Patron
    Fey patron of rodents and other small mammals, particularly hares and rabbits.

    The Dreamer(s) In the Dark/The Sleeper(s) Below/The Dweller(s) Below - Great Old One Patron
    Mysterious patron that may or may not be one entity or a group of beings, and appears to have some connection to the mooncoral towers of Moonthrone. Cultists of the Dreamer, who seem to each have a different name for their god-thing, recently came out of hiding to terrorize the city, and threw a good portion of the City Below's citizenry to monstrous pseudopods that erupted through the Heartspire at the center of the city.

  • Dungeon Master

    Glamorfrodorfilding, Lord of Portals - Great Old One Patron
    An entity bound in a mysterious non-euclidian realm accessible via a door where the face of the escaped prisoner known as Door-Face's face should be.





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