What is this campaign?

  • This is a classic Dungeons & Dragons campaign. The campaign centers around a megadungeon - a huge, sprawling dungeon with many levels and hundreds (if not thousands) of rooms teeming with adventure.

    The focus of the campaign will revolve heavily around exploration. This means it's ultimately up to the players to determine what their goals are and what they want to accomplish within the dungeon sandbox. While there is a rich setting and history, it's the players' job to seek it out and uncover the mysteries of the game world. If you've been invited to this campaign, it's because I think you have the ability to motivate yourself to explore and build the story in play.

    This campaign is "old school" in terms of tone and style. This means characters begin very weak. The dungeon will be extremely dangerous. Character death is a matter of when, not if. If you've been invited to this campaign, it's because I think you can handle this on a variety of levels: 1. not being a little bitch when a character dies but seeing it as a learning opportunity and 2. having intelligence to learn from mistakes and use tactics and strategy to overcome obstacles in this dangerous environment. I'll provide more character creation details as we inch closer to a kick-off date.

    I'm using a published module (though lots of stuff will be tweaked, changed, expanded upon). Please do not "Google" for information about the module. It will spoil the joy of uncovering the mysteries of the campaign.

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