Starting Character Knowledge

  • What follows is a run-down of the knowledge that an adventurer might expect to know about Dwimmermount prior to exploring it:

    • Dwimmermount is located a few miles to the northwest of the fortified town of Muntburg. Dwimmermount was excavated from the tallest mountain in the Wintertop range and is reputed to have at least half a dozen levels, if not double that number.

    • The dungeon was the site for the most important magical research of past eras, including investigations into time, space, and the creation of life.

    • For hundreds—maybe thousands—of years, Dwimmermount served as a fortress for a succession of empires. It fell two centuries ago, when a rebel uprising culminated in a mysterious cataclysm that sealed the dungeon off from
      the outside world.

    • Many of the inhabitants of Muntburg and the nearby region known as the City-States are there to keep an eye on Dwimmermount. Some hope to enter the dungeon to get rich, others to free one of the powerful beings which the local authorities hope will remain locked away in Dwimmermount’s extra-dimensional prison.

    • Townsfolk of Muntburg have recently noticed strange noises and lights coming from the mountaintop, and shadowy groups going into and out of the main gates. The authorities in Muntburg were skeptical of the reports initially, but under the influence of the temple of Typhon they hired the Five Delvers - an adventuring group led by the thief, Asceline - to climb to the mountain’s peak and look around. The Five Delvers found no evidence of traffic up the main stairway or through the Red Gates. Talk of activity at other entrances to Dwimmermount ran rampant, though just where these entrances lay and how one could access them was never clear.

    • The High Priest of Typhon in Adamas hired his own investigators, a rival adventuring party known as Typhon’s Fists. They reported that the main entrance to Dwimmermount was open and showed evidence that someone—or something— had been moving within its halls. They ventured inside and quickly lost many of their number to strange skeletons that seemed immune to their divine powers.

    • High Priest Saidon alerted the Despot of Adamas. The Despot has not yet committed his own hireling adventurers, the Crimson Band, much to the consternation of the temple of Typhon. An opening remains for independent adventurers - e.g. YOU - to journey into Dwimmermount while its secrets remain intact. The opportunity may not last much longer. The second most experienced adventurers in the City-States, the Seekers, are said to have purchased residences in Muntburg from which they plan an expedition of their own.

  • As you explore, you will learn more. See The Secrets of Dwimmermount for rules on acquiring and selling knowledge.

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