• Muntburg is three miles from Dwimmermount and intended to serve as a base of operations for the characters between delves into the dungeon. Though Muntburg can be a source of knowledge, replenishment, recuperation, and the occasional dungeon lead, it is largely boring. The premise of the campaign means that the adventure to be had is in Dwimmermount.

    The fortified town of Muntburg (meaning “mountain castle” in a now-obscure local language) was built during Thulian times to guard the trade route through the Wintertops, at the other end of which lay Winterburg (2206). Of relatively minor importance in those days, Muntburg has grown considerably since the fall of the Empire. Now under the authority of the City-State of Adamas (2415), Muntburg still guards the trade route (which is considerably less active than it once was), but its primary purpose is to keep an eye on Dwimmermount and the adventurers and cultists that are drawn to the ancient citadel.

    Muntburg is an extremely Lawful place. Its military and civilian populations lead orderly lives and any breaches of the peace will trigger the sounding of the alarm, which will summon guardsmen to disturbances.

    The guardsmen prefer to subdue any lawbreakers, but will use deadly force if necessary. Arrestees will be taken to one of two cells located in each of the Inner Gates for interrogation by the Captain of the Guard or the Castellan. Based on what is learned, lawbreakers may be released with a warning, a fine, or a steeper punishment—up to, and including, death.

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  • 1. Main Gate

    Muntburg’s main gate is accessible only by a drawbridge, which is usually kept up. The gatehouse is made from great granite blocks and stands 20 feet tall. It is further protected by a portcullis. Four crossbowmen keep watch atop the gatehouse, while two men-at-arms greet travelers from behind the portcullis. Unfamiliar visitors must announce their names and intentions, which one of the men-at-arms will relay to their corporal, below, for his decision about whether the newcomers are to be allowed inside.

    2. Market Square

    This large open area is overseen by the corporal of the watch, Pieru Danthan, who takes an interest in all visitors to Muntburg. Danthan is a balding, middle-aged man who records the names and business of everyone who enters Muntburg. He has two men-at-arms who attend him and take over his responsibilities when he is not present. There is a well in the square, and twice a week, merchants and farmers from the nearby communities sell their goods here.

    3. Bonding House

    This establishment, overseen by a normal man named Adryen Hermen, specializes in contracts of indenture. Anyone looking to hire retainers or henchmen of any kind is expected to make use of Hermen’s services. His fee is paid by the employer and is equal to 10% of the weekly wage negotiated for the retainer. In return, the employer not only has a document attesting to the legality of his endeavor, but also an advocate to speak on his behalf to the authorities, should it become necessary. As a lawyer, Hermen provides other legal services as well. He keeps meticulous records and a large portion of the bonding house is taken over with his archives.

    4. Public Stables

    This building is where travelers can stable their horses while in Muntburg. The stables are tended by stable boys, the oldest of which is named Happ.

    5. Temple of Typhon

    The largest structure devoted solely to religious purposes in Muntburg is the temple of Typhon, overseen by a cleric named Louys Herint and his two acolytes, Mathyeu and Symon. Herint will cast his spells on behalf of others for an offering, sometimes giving a discount if the recipient is a worshiper of Typhon.

    6. General Store

    The shopkeeper, Tasin, is an old man who lives alone in a small room at the back of his store. He sells basic equipment at a fair rate, with the exceptions of weapons, armor heavier than leather, and any form of transportation.

    7. Caravan Merchants

    Here dwells Bynde Petre, a merchant who, along with his brother Aurri, commands a caravan that travels between Muntburg and Adamas. The brothers are normal men who deal primarily in exotic goods from far-off lands and Thulian antiquities, both of which are much beloved in Adamas. The brothers will purchase valuables brought out of Dwimmermount at a fair rate.

    8. Moneychanger

    Lotier Bonajute (a normal Man) runs his business here, protected by a dwarf named Durric. Bonajute changes coins for a 10% fee of the total value. This might be especially useful to adventurers looking to turn a large sum of lesser coins into gold, platinum or gems that are easier to carry.

    9. Smithy and Armorer

    Larenz Arquem and his three apprentices (Obert, Roncin, and Santin) work here, producing metal items and armor.

    10. Gemsmith

    The dwarf Delster works as a gemsmith, buying and selling precious stones and jewelry, as well as appraising their value. Evaluation costs a flat fee of 5 sp per gem or piece of jewelry.

    11. Chapel of Tyche

    Emelisse, a cleric of Tyche, dwells alone on the second floor of this modest building, while she conducts rites to her goddess on the ground floor. Emelisse will cast her spells on behalf of others for an offering.

    12. Merchant’s Council

    This large and nicely appointed building is where the merchants of Muntburg and the surrounding area meet to discuss matters of mutual interest. Thus the building contains offices, meeting rooms, and even bedrooms for the use of the merchants and their designated guests. The chief councilor, Bertelemy Noion (a normal man), is here at most times.

    13. Green Dragon Inn

    Maintained by a middle-aged man named Asce and his wife, Doree, this inn has four private rooms and a common room with enough space for a dozen. Both Asce and Doree are normal Men.

    14. Flask and Scroll Tavern

    Run by Macyot and his family (wife, two sons, and a daughter), the Flask and Scroll Tavern is open day and night and is usually bustling with activity. Both travelers and regular residents of Muntburg come here for good food and drink, as well as to socialize and swap stories.

    The tavern’s bill of fare is as follows:

    • Breakfast (Simple) 5 cp
    • Breakfast (Fancy) 5 sp
    • Dinner (Simple) 5 sp
    • Dinner (Fancy) 1 gp
    • Supper (Simple) 3 sp
    • Supper (Fancy) 7 sp
    • Small Beer (Pint) 5 cp
    • Heavy Beer (Pint) 1 sp
    • Ale (Pint) 2 sp
    • Mead (Pint) 1 ep
    • Wine (Table) 1 ep
    • Wine (Fancy) 1 gp

    15. Cavalry Stables

    The garrison's warhorses and riding horses are kept here tended by three stable boys and guarded by two men-at-arms.

    16. Great Hall

    The Great Hall is where the Castellan holds audiences with visitors and dignitaries. Most of the time, the Hall is locked. Two men-at-arms stand guard outside the Hall at all times.

    17. Barracks

    This large wooden building houses fifty men-at-arms, though few will be present here during the day.

    18. Quarters

    This building is home to the Castellan, Thevenin Verodart, as well as two dozen cavalrymen.

    19-20. Inner Gates

    Standing 30 feet tall, the Inner Gates protect the Keep. A portcullis and metal-reinforced doors bar the way and no one except soldiers is allowed to pass through either gate without the expressed permission of either the Castellan or the Captain of the Guard. The Captain of the Guard, Alixandre Vaast and the Sergeant of the Guard, Roguelin Gencien, dwell here. Twenty guardsmen are quartered in each structure and at least half of them will be present and/or on duty at any given time.

    21-22. Inner Towers

    These two towers stand 50 feet tall and house ten crossbowmen each. At any given time, three will be on duty atop the tower, while the others will be within.

    23. Private Apartments

    These small two-story buildings can be rented at a cost of 100 gp a month. The buildings contain limited furnishings (simple beds, tables, and chairs), but are dry and comfortable. There are eleven of these apartments in Muntburg.

    24. Watch Towers

    These eleven towers stand 40 feet tall. Each houses five men-at-arms.

    25. Bailiff’s Tower

    The bailiff, Lambert, lives here along with ten men-at-arms. Lambert keeps an eye on everything that happens within Muntburg from this 45 feet tall tower, reporting directly to the Captain of the Guard.

    26. Inner Wall

    The inner wall, protecting the Inner Keep, is 10 feet thick and 20 feet tall.

    27. Outer Wall

    The outer wall of Muntburg is 5 feet thick, 30 feet tall, and punctuated by eleven small, 40 feet tall towers (see 24).

    28. Inner Keep

    A water well is located in the center of the Keep. Where well-worn paths have not been cut through it, there is grass in this area. During the day, guardsmen and/or men-at-arms will be present here, engaged in drills or weapons practice.

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